Textit Business SMS Comparison And Review

As a premium text messaging platform for business, Textit provides high performance SMS applications, delivered through direct connections with best practice security provided.

The Premium Business SMS Comparison review found Textit to be significantly more expensive in all price brackets for different SMS text distribution quantities each month.

Textit as a SMS Business Provider

Australian businesses and organisations, whether large or small, often need to send hundreds or thousands of SMS text messages for marketing campaigns in order to provide customers, stakeholders or staff with information, which may be critical or time sensitive.  Textit allow you to build your own  text message system or even develop and distribute through a drip marketing program. Choose what messages to send and on what schedule to keep your users engaged. You can even send your users reminders at any point during your campaign.

Many businesses require a Business SMS service which guarantees messages are received as well as the need to know when your audience are wanting to reach you. That’s why TextIt highlights unexpected messages, helping you identify users who have questions or problems, making it easy to address their concerns. Send and receive SMS messages and organize them using labels, just like email.

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Why is a Textit a recommended SMS Business Provider?

As one of the leading Australian SMS Business services, it was considered in the Premium Business SMS Provider Comparison Table , based on a number of key selection criteria of the five SMS Business providers.  As a premium text messaging platform for business, it provides high performance SMS applications, delivered via direct connections with best practice security provided. It can offer services to marketers, clubs, government, retailers, charities, enterprises and education institutions.

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At the core of TextIt lies its exclusive ‘Flow’ engine where anybody can set up or modify a complex SMS application without the need of a programmer or expensive consulting company. Using a basic Android phone, it can become easy to launch your application instantly in any country while avoiding expensive set-up costs or external technical support.

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Businesses which need to send critical and time sensitive messages, they should engage with a premium SMS Business provider like TextIt that offer ‘tier 1’ or ‘direct to carrier’ gateways, liking to Australian networks to maximize delivery delivery and minimize lag times.

Textit SMS run high speed connections to suppliers which gives them the capacity to take high volume clients that need large SMS quantities to be sent within short time-frames. They can provide delivery reports which show elements such as bounces of messages sent through online platform.

Our Textit Review found that it provides personalised broadcasts allowing Australians to easily broadcast an SMS to a group of users, even allowing you to customize the message just like a mail merge. You can send broadcasts texts immediately or at a later time even repeating them on a set schedule if you like. It is able to keep track of every user who has interacted with TextIt using Contacts. TextIt automatically creates a contact for each user and saves the full message history. One can group contacts however one likes and add custom fields that are appropriate for the organization.
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Textit already works anywhere in the world, instantly. Simply by downloading its free Android application to create an instant, reliable and inexpensive connection to TextIt, messages will then be sent and received using that phone’s local SIM card automatically. Whether in the US, Canada or the UK, one can easily connect a Twilio account to take advantage of instant low cost messaging in your own country

Is Textit Value for Money?? 

Finding the right SMS Business solution in Australia needs to also factor in price. Comparing the SMS providers in the Premium Business SMS Provider Comparison Table, our Textit review found the provider is the most expensive ranging above the competitors’ price from 100% to 250%.  It has the highest prices in all price brackets for different distribution numbers. Most notable is the middle range of 100,000 to 250, 000 sms text messages that could be sent each month. Additionally, unlike the other text message reminder providers which have one year or unlimited credit expiry, Textit has a monthly by monthly credit expiry condition and a monthly charge of $50.

Premuim Business SMS Table

As can be seen in the Comparison Table, there are other conditions that Textit does not offer such as direct SMS API, ability to forward emails; mail merge vial Excel and no Microsoft Outlook SMS, no web chat, and no server up-time details unlike other competitors that provide up-time guarantees.

Overall Conclusion

Although our Textit review found the provider to be significantly more expensive as a Premium Business SMS Provider, their exclusive Flow engine which anybody can set up or modify for a complex SMS application without the need of a programmer or expensive consulting company is a key positive. For most Australian companies looking for a business sms provider may be a greater benefit to offset the increased charges. 

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About Premium Business SMS Comparison Table

The authors understand just how hard it is to compare Premium Business SMS providers in Australia. With so many providers in Australia, pricing structures and delivery networks it can take a long time to find the right provider for you. Having worked with some of the leading SMS Australia providers in the past, the key information that Australian businesses needed were collected from individual Australian SMS providers’ websites and inserted into the Premium Business SMS Provider Comparison Table.

The original table had a number of providers but those that had un-competitive prices for Australian companies and were removed so as to not over-complicate the comparison table. The final data was collected independently without any help from the SMS providers. As this data has been gained manually, providers’ websites may change their prices and features without notice, so it’s recommended that you double check prices and features prior to purchasing text message products. If you find any information on this site that is inaccurate or needs to be updated please use the ‘contact us’ section to notify the owners of the site. We will aim to have the change made within minutes.

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