MessageMedia Gateway Overview

MessageMedia SMS Gateway provides an extensive range of text messaging services for large size businesses, Small to Medium size Enterprises and other small organisations for use in their marketing, communications, promotions, reminders, update communications to staff, clients and customer notifications.
This gateway provider offers Australian businesses:

  • Its own network with the capacity to manage, support and provide a 24/7 service
  • Uses WebSMS, Email to SMS and SMS API
  • API platform with standardized configuration
  • Dedicated local Australian support via email, live chat and phone
  • 100% uptime guarantee, performance and customer satisfaction (SLA)
  • Extensive gateway software that is built for speed and scale
  • All gateways are directly monitored and managed by MessageMedia systems and their personnel
  • Free trial of their services

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MessageMedia Gateway Reputation

MessageMedia has developed a sophisticated API software system that is suitable at a very fast speed and with a scale of 800 SMS per second distribution. With high throughput capability, this SMS gateway provider can handle extreme volumes of messages, whether it is in the thousands of text messages over a month period to the support throughput of 9 million messages sent in a day. That’s the versatility of this gateway provider.

One of the most attractive features of MessageMedia SMS Gateway is its up-time and latency time. For full delivery time including processing by the other partners in the network and the operator, it can provide a 97% delivery under two seconds and 99% delivery within ten seconds. That’s the versatility of this gateway provider.

Its guaranteed SMS service uses the highest-quality gateway connections to deliver messages promptly. Every message is fully backed by a 100% uptime guarantee under a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

MessageMedia services many major and significant Australian businesses that range from companies such as Honda, Commonwealth Bank, National Bank of Australia, HP to YMCA.

MessageMedia SMS Gateway Clients

As an Australian gateway provider for SMS, it is an onshore provider and this means a high level of privacy and security can be assured and equally as important is the critical factor of that time-dependent messages are delivered in seconds. All gateways are directly monitored and managed by MessageMedia systems and personnel. As well, all carrier networks are continuously monitored, with automatic alternate routing in the event of a carrier network outage or failure.

Suitability of MessageMedia SMS Gateway For Large Organisations

Major Australian organisations usually distribute large volumes of text messages on a monthly basis and therefore require a reliable, safe and efficient SMS gateway provider. MessageMedia has been built for large businesses with the emphasis on security and timeliness as their priority. It provides global coverage with its developed API capacity system.

It is totally web-based which means there is no software to crash your computer. MessageMedia will save your contacts and set them up into groups, whether large or small so that they can be managed and SMS sent out within a short time frame specified by the client. All their gateways are directly monitored and managed by their own systems and personnel.

The MessageMedia SMS gateway service delivers across multiple channels allowing it to provide guarantees of availability by ensuring:

  • In the event a messaging gateway goes down, outbound messaging is automatically re-directed to another available gateway;
  • Mobile support; and
  • End-to-end service delivery monitored via an independent server.

MessageMedia provides all year round text messaging service, it has an Australian customer support centre that is available on a 24/7 basis. It guaranteed SMS service users the highest-quality gateway connections to deliver messages immediately. Each SMS is fully backed with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Additionally, there is no monthly fees charge, unlimited credit availability and organisations are provided with a dedicated account manager.

The SMS Comparison authors’ SMS gateway review, indicates that this company is most capable of servicing the needs of large organisations and therefore warrants serious consideration.

Should SMEs Consider MessageMedia Gateway for SMS?

From the review of various text message gateways providers available in Australia, MessageMedia caters very well for local small, medium and large-sized companies who require a reliable and efficient text message gateway system that is relatively inexpensive, easy to use and operate. MessageMedia SMS Gateway has numerous SMEs on its client list offering an easy to manage platform, a customer service contact number and live chat so as to ensure all possible options are available. Some of the additional services available to SMEs can include:

  • All carrier networks are continuously monitored with automatic alternate routing;
  • Text to voice;
  • no monthly fees with unlimited credit availability;
  • dedicated numbers and live chat availability;
  • SMS delivery reports;
  • Reporting and analytics; and
  • 24/7 support service with an 1800 155 228 number

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MessageMedia platform allows for two-way communications where an address book can be uploaded, personalised messages delivered with usage receipts available. The opportunity to use their services can be initially done through their free trial offer, which is a big advantage for SMEs who need reassurance.

For SMEs, their text message will always be transparent and easy to access, dependent on the needs whether it is for marketing and promotions, appointment reminders, authentication requests or customer notifications. The charges are all related to the volume distributed on a monthly basis. So it caters for SMEs nicely.

What Support Level Is Offered?

Reliability and Compliance

MessageMedia gateway is rated very highly on the reliability scale. They claim a 100% gateway up-time with a zero-tolerance for text message gateway outages unlike many of their competitors. They also state 100% Network Redundancy which means that having a multiple gateway network is supported by a sophisticated monitoring system which will mean rerouting messages if any given route is compromised.

Additionally, MessageMedia offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if one believes their service has let them down somehow then they will fix it. If the client is not happy in the first 30 days with their service, they’ll get their money back. Such features provide the reassurance of a reliable system.

With over 50,000 customers distributing millions of messages around the globe, MessageMedia is a leading provider of reliable SMS services for businesses and organisations whether large, medium or small. They have been delivering business text messaging services to customers for more than a decade.

One of Australia’s largest providers, MessageMedia also meets the compliance standards set for text message marketing within Australia. They protect your proprietary, company, and customer data with two-factor authentication (2FA) and deliver one-time passcodes via SMS as a secondary means of identification on websites and system that enforces on-demand authentications.

MessageMedia is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR. They have undertaken a review of their data collection, storage and security arrangements and have implemented various system changes to reflect the data security and privacy principles entrenched by GDPR, including individuals’ right of access and right to be forgotten.

MessageMedia understands the fundamental importance of data security and privacy to its customers and end-users of its services and continues to review and update its systems and compliance policies and procedures.

Online Reviews

One of the clear distinctions with other SMS gateway providers is the ability to provide feedback and have live chat. There is an SMS Marketing Reviews and Testimonial page where a number of published reviews can be seen and REA. The MessageMedia SMS Gateway provides a 4.63 Rating of 154 reviews, which is extremely high. They are open and transparent about the comments made.

Obviously, their reputation could be measured by the services they provide and the number of companies and organisations that they serve over a period of time. Clients appeared to be pleased with the gateway features and service they have to offer.

From the independent research that was carried out, it was evident that both the reputation and reviews were rated very highly.

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SMS Gateway Comparison Review Site

The text message gateway review of major Australian SMS providers have been analysed and compared on the basis of a number of services, features and products offered using a list of key selection criteria as outlined above. This SMS Comparison site should provide you with key information that Australian businesses need to know before making a decision on which gateway provider is best for your needs.

Our MessageMedia SMS gateway review should be used as purely a guide since features and services may be changed from time to time by the provider with or without short notice. We also have a comparison page to Clicksend.

The above information is available to you free of charge but you should be aware that if you click from this site directly to their website and engage their services there may be a commission required by the provider to the owners of this site. The independence of the site’s authors judgement has been crucial in deciding as to which key selection criteria will be valued by the prospective clients in making their decision.

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