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When a discussion takes place about mass SMS, it refers to distributing a large volume of text messages at any one time to a large number of respondents or mobile users. Such web-based texting service provided by Bulk SMS distributors offers the power of sending mass information whether for marketing or communication purposes from companies, businesses and organisations. This means prompt but short detailed information that is read in most cases within a short period, with over 90% read within three (3) minutes of receiving the SMS.

Mass SMS distribution allows businesses to effortlessly reach large or small groups of customers, clients, employees or specific groups through the SMS providers’ gateway system and the use of their API. These specialized SMS providers can effectively connect to mobile subscribers with ease.

Bulk or mass text messaging service becomes an affordable service allowing businesses and organisations to send SMS via web-based SMS platforms. Take an example, if there is an emergency there is a system in place to send mass SMS as an emergency response protocol or if there is a cancellation or schedule of times, using SMS online will notify customers or staff of an upcoming situation so that everyone knows. There is no reason for people to say ‘I wasn’t told!’.

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Bulk Text Messaging Providers

There are bulk SMS providers in Australia who can service your requirements in good communications through the means of SMS messaging using either the Web or the use of a mobile network within a short period. The only need is for the bulk SMS provider to possess your database of target audiences such as clients, customers, consumers, staff or specific groups.

It only takes a very short period whether it be in seconds or the latest in minutes, to send a text through a bulk messaging distribution system which makes it an efficient mode of immediate communication.

There is a great selection of Bulk SMS providers that offer reliable services such as Wholesale SMS, DirectSMS,  ClickSend, DirectSMS, Cellcast and Notifyre to name a few good ones. A bulk SMS Comparison Table has been developed so that any reader can easily compare features and services offered by these companies.

A list of providers and what they offer is presented in our Bulk SMS Comparison Table.

So who is cost-effective?

From reviewing the range of bulk SMS providers in Australia and taking into account the following factors such as:

  • the volume of SMS distributed each month;
  • set up costs;
  • monthly fees;
  • need for a contract;
  • any hidden charges;
  • fixed numbers;
  • credit expiry date;
  • inbound cost;
  • outbound MMS;
  • dedicated number;
  • dedicated shortcode; and
  • will beat any legitimate quote.

The Comparison Table indicates the range of pricing that is available. Only two providers offer a price matching guarantee when a client can find a legitimate lower price, which is ClickSend and WholesaleSMS. Both happen to offer the cheapest pricing of all the providers reviewed. ClickSend and SMSTech range of prices were considered cheaper with a rating of 4 out 5, while DirectSMS was moderate in its pricing and TextIt was the most expensive in text messaging distribution, on both small, medium and large volumes.

Other reputable bulk SMS providers were also reviewed. In general, it can be seen that SMS providers do offer a competitive set of rates, particularly when the volume of text messages is large. The providers do not exclude smaller volumes or small organisations that cannot distribute a large number of messages at any one time. These SMS providers do offer a low number of SMS of 500+ messages in a month.

What also needs to be considered with costings?

The cost of bulk SMS distribution can vary depending on several factors, including the volume of messages sent, the destination country or region, the provider used, and the features required. Here are some of the key factors to consider when it comes to the cost of bulk SMS distribution:

  1. Volume: The more messages that are sent, the lower the cost per message is likely to be. Bulk SMS providers typically offer volume-based pricing, which means that the more messages a business sends, the lower the cost per message.
  2. Destination country or region: The cost of sending SMS messages can vary depending on the destination country or region. Sending SMS messages to international destinations may be more expensive than sending messages within a single country, and some countries may have additional regulations or requirements that impact the cost.
  3. Provider used: The cost of using a bulk SMS provider can vary depending on the provider used. Some providers may offer lower costs but fewer features, while others may offer higher costs but more advanced features and capabilities.
  4. Features required: The cost of bulk SMS distribution can also be impacted by the features required. Some providers may charge extra for features such as message personalization, scheduling, or reporting.

When considering the cost of bulk SMS distribution, it’s important to carefully evaluate the various factors involved and choose a provider that offers a pricing plan that meets your specific needs and requirements. It’s also important to consider the overall value of the service, rather than just the cost, by evaluating the quality of service, reliability, customer support, and compliance with local regulations.

Having the ability to distribute SMS in mass does allow for keeping the overall cost per text message to a minimum. In general, bulk Australian SMS providers offer low and competitive rates when the organisation distributes large volumes of text messages. However, smaller volumes are not expensive and will not eliminate small companies from using the services of mass SMS distributors. For example, Gyms and Social Clubs do engage SMS providers as they find this keeps their attendees better informed and able to update them on special offers and updates.

The other factor that makes the five top SMS providers offer a cheaper total charge is that there are no setup costs with payments of either pre-paid or invoice systems. A monthly plan is optional with providers such as ClickSend, DirectSMS and Cellcast.

The other factor to consider is the monthly fee charge which some competitors do not place charge on. Virtual number costs need to also be considered as they add to the total cost. Keyword applications send customized text message responses or reminders are done through the main component of any incoming text message. This means that an SMS that is received through the mobile phone will be able to be fetched resulting in a match with the keywords of the text.

Reliability of mass text messaging providers 

The other issue that needs to be seriously considered is the reliability of the provider in ensuring that SMS is sent on time and to the right people. This uptime guarantee was reviewed for all the mass SMS providers investigated. They need to provide evidence that they can offer a minimum of 90% to 100% uptime reliability through their platforms and systems. This time-efficient distribution guarantee is very attractive when there is a communication or marketing campaign or the need for alerts or reminders. However, even the best technology available will not stop any site from going offline. However, providers should have the software platforms to ensure usually uptime reliability and latency (time), in most instances, within a range of 99.95 to 100% uptime.

From the review of these reputable Australian bulk SMS providers, it was evident that ClickSend and Wholesale SMS offer a very reliable and efficient system, yet the other mass SMS providers did also well in their offerings.

Customer Service from these mass SMS providers

Our Australian mass SMS providers review found that some companies have key strengths in-network services more than their competitors. It depends partly on the reputation and reliability of their Australian support customer service.

A promotional offer of a free text messaging trial is available from all mass SMS providers to prospective clients to test their effectiveness as to the service they offer. Free trials vary from five free SMS to 50 free SMS.

The company’s call centre has based the functioning of its customer support service. Being Australian-based companies they do provide support throughout the country on an ongoing basis during business hours whether it is by phone or by email support. The only exception is WholesaleSMS which only provides support via email requests.

When comparing the SMS providers’ related criteria, many providers have a reputable, reliable and supportive availability to their clients.  As can be seen on the graph a number of these providers rated over 90 out of the maximum of 100 for their support and help provided.

Mass SMS can be a two-way process – a real advantage

The reality of mass text messaging services is that it is a two-way process and that is what makes it so attractive as a method of communication. As an organisation or business, you can send a simple and easily readable message to any specific target audience in mass and be able to receive replies on request.

You can know immediately or when it is convenient for you as to what type of responses are acknowledged or accepted or are taken advantage of. Delivery reports are available for free and indicate the number of recipients, latency, and bounces of text messages that occurred through API or online platforms.

Another great advantage is that the organisation can schedule an SMS transmission at set times. This is so good when requiring scheduling reminders for appointments, special deals, alerts or important dates to customers or staff. Alternatively, schedule a text message in advance when the company wants to introduce or promote a marketing or communication campaign.

 The ability of these mass SMS providers being able to distribute small or large volumes of SMS within short time frames is through their high-speed gateway connections.

About This SMS Bulk Comparison Table

The Bulk Comparison SMS table was initiated by the authors of this site as a result of wanting people to easily be able to understand comparatively what each mass text messaging service provider has to offer. The authors have been experts in this text messaging service arena for several years. Now that they have moved to other IT areas, they felt they could provide this information with independence and no bias towards any SMS providers.

The authors decided the best way to provide an easy means of interpreting the features was to subdivide the data into feature-related, service-related and support-related categories. As you can see each part has subsections and this is used to provide a comparative value between SMS companies.

This SMS Comparison Table and site are at no cost to you. You are welcome to use it in any way that can assist you in deciding which provider offers you the best option. However, should you click on a provider site and engage them then the authors may request a commission from the SMS provider. As you can see there is no form of promotion or advertising on the table or site to ensure total independence.

The authors hope that this information is valuable to you. Should there be some inconsistencies between the provider website and this site, the authors would appreciate you notifying them so that changes can be made.

Latest update on 6 January 2024

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