SMS Gateway Australia Comparison

SMS gateway Australia providers may seem the same but have large variations when it comes to their capabilities.

The comparison table compares Text Message Gateway Australia providers factoring in variables including latency, features, reliability, and more!

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  • Pricing
  • Sending Message
  • Contract
  • Setup Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  • Payment
  • Features
  • Developer API
  • Web SMS Platform
  • Email to SMS
  • Two-way SMS
  • Carriers
  • Direct/Hybrid Carriers
  • Reliability
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Spam Compliance
  • Monitoring
  • Security Policy
  • Dedicated virtual no.
  • Customer Support
  • Phone Number
  • Email contact
  • Live Chat
  • Free Trial
  • Real time reporting
  • Location
  • Range of Clients
  • Location base
  • Message Bird
  • Large companies
  • $0.049/SMS
  • 3 months
  • Not available
  • Global
  • Both
  • 99.95%
  • $40p.m.
  • Not Available
  • Overseas & Sydney

  • 9 Reviews
  • sms global
  • SME/Large companies
  • $0.05/SMS
  • SAAS
  • Global
  • Both
  • 99.99%
  • 1300 Number 24/7
  • Melbourne

  • 47 Reviews
  • burst sms
  • SMS/Large companies
  • $0.054/SMS
  • SAAS
  • Local
  • Both
  • 99.90%
  • 1300 Number
  • 14 days
  • Not Available

  • 43 Reviews
  • next mo
  • Large Companies
  • $0.069/SMS
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Global
  • Not Specified
  • 99.99%
  • 852 Asia Pacific
  • 2 Euro charge
  • Asia Pacific

  • 17 Reviews
  • sms solution Australia
  • SME/Large companies
  • $0.06/SMS
  • SAAS
  • Local
  • Not Specified
  • 99.99%
  • 1800 Number 24/7
  • Overseas & Melbourne

  • 2 Reviews

MessageBird is the recommended SMS Gateway Australia Provider

Our SMS gateway Australia comparison completed on the 29/01/2017 found MessageBird provides the best value SMS Gateway for Australian businesses due to their:

  • Low Pricing starting at $0.049 per SMS
  • High reliability with a 99.95% up-time service level guarantee
  • Global carriers allowing SMS delivery both international and national users
  • Strong reputation globally
  • Sydney based support for Australian businesses

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MessageBird Text Message Gateway Price Per MessageMessageBird’s Text Message Gateway Pricing

From 100 messages to 100,000 messages MessageBird has a set price of 4.9c per SMS sent and receiving messages on your virtual number or short code has no additional charge.

Businesses also looking to exceed 100,000 messages can also negotiate for lower pricing directly with the sales team and receive a dedicated account manager.

Additional Charges That May Be Applicable

1) Virtual Mobile Number

MessageBird charge users $40 a month for a virtual mobile number.

Virtual Mobile Number Charge

A dedicated virtual number is recommended to increase interaction with text messages. Virtual mobile numbers have been shown to improve response rates and can better integrate SMS to CRM or an e-mail account. Tne minimum subscription is three months for a virtual number with applications taking one business day to process.

2) Lookup / HLR

Lookup allows users to review their database which can be combined with HLR to clean the information to maximise text message gateway accuracy.

Lookup HLR Request

MessageBird’s free lookup service validates numbers and formats to minimise non-active numbers. It can ensure number formatting is correct to known standards and exclude those too short or long. The free service also removes non SMS formats such as landlines or VoIP if they can’t receive text messages.

The lookup and HLR service exists due to the provider having direct SS7 network access. This allows for SRI requests to receive the HLR of a numbers network and:

i) What mobile network and country the number belongs to
ii) The IMSI of the current location of a number when a users is roaming in another country
iii) The status of a number to see it it’s deactivated
iv)  If the subscriber is roaming and network they are using

How Reliable Is MessageBird’s Australia SMS Gateway?

For Australian businesses reliability comes down getting the message delivered (known as up-time) and the time taken for the text message to reach the phone (latency). How important reliability depends on the type of text messages that will be sent by the company. While something like an advertising burst may require minimal reliability, an SMS verification service of a bank or an appointment reminder may be critical.

MessageBird offers one of the best SLA’s in the industry with a 99.95% Services availability guarantee. A service credit is provided if this service level agreement is not met in a calendar month.

MessageBird’s reliable SMS gateway is fast with over 900 direct or one-hop carrier connections. This helps ensure messages are delivered in a prompt time-frame with maximum deliverability.


MessageBird provides real-time updated based on Telecom providers DLR information. The delivery status information is then passed onto clients so they have up to date information on what messages have been sent to date.


Customers can control the validity of text messages. If an SMS isn’t delivered within a specified time-frame, it can be discarded at no additional charge. This can be critical for time-sensitive messages such as a ‘flash-sale’.

What Support Is Available With This Text Message Gateway?

Setting up an text message gateway even with the best support guides can be tedious, timely and confusing. This is why MessageBird having a Sydney office is so critical with the provision of local support. The only issue though is this support is initially limited to e-mail and the website with no dedicated number provided or Live Chat options. For this reason, the comparable support levels were rated lower than competitors.

Those new to sending text messages or utilising a gateway may want to use SMS Global who are Melbourne based and have a superior support network. It should be noted that this support level is based on Australian businesses looking for local support. It’s acknowledged that MessageBird is a global player, so while Australian support may be poor, this isn’t the case overseas. This is something worth considering for multi-national companies.

Who Is MessageBird?

MessageBird is one of the global pioneers when it comes to text messaging. Since 2011 they have focuses on powerful SMS APIs that are low cost, easily integrated and high speed. They also ahve chat and voice messaging platforms. In 2016 they were named the Netherlands Business of the Year and reached 15,000 customers including those listed below.

MessageBird SMS Gateway Clients

The Headquarters of MessageBird is in Amsterdam. They also have offices as mentioned above in Sydney, Miami, London and Hamburg. They are a member of GSMA which focuses on improving the mobile industry and sustainable development goals such as those shown below.

GSMA Goals

Conclusion about MessageBird as Text Message Gateway Provider

Our MessageBird review for their business reliable SMS Gateway Australia solutions found this provider has key strengths to make a worthy choice. Their low cost model, global infrastructure and advanced features are their points of differentiation. The only main limitation is their customer service but for those businesses have acumen when it comes setting up a gateway this limitation should not be a real factor to overcome.Visit SMS Broadcast Website

SMS Gateway Australia Flow DiagramWhat Is An SMS Gateway?

SMS Gateway Australia software provides business SMS solutions including:

  • Web SMS – The ability to upload contacts without software and send text messages
  • E-mail SMS – Integrating leading e-mail software to provide the option to send SMS
  • API SMS Services – Using in-house CRM software to send SMS through a HTTP POST

Within Australia text message gateways will either directly route to the major providers such as Optus or aggregators. This will impact the speed and prices of text messages sent.

What Australian Regulation Should I Consider?

When sending any text message campaign within Australia, you must meet the commonwealth Spam Act 2003. Within Australia the law states that no company can send legally unsolicited electronic messages. This applies to text messages through gateway with any message requiring:

  1. Consent – The receiver must have provided consent to receive text messages or be an existing customer who has an existing business relationship
  2. Identify – All text messages need to identify what business they came from
  3. Unsubscribe – There needs to be functionality to unsubscribe from future business SMS correspondence (2 way SMS). A company needs to ensure any such request is processed within five days.

From a compliance aspect, the SMS provider needs to feature a strong privacy policy, be SPAM compliant, have extensive terms and conditions and clear acceptable use policy. To learn more about direct marketing compliance you can view the information commissioner website direct marketing section..

Tips For Sending Business SMS Messages

Research has shown that short text messages perform the best. While 160 characters can exist within a text message, short and sharp messages that don’t require scrolling receive the optimal open rates and engagement. Try to only provide a single message, whether a greeting, reminder, offer or referral.

A mobile is personal so understand an individuals personal space. Unexpected bulk SMS messages can be intrusive so ensure they are functional and courteous but not too familiar. Customisation tools can help maximise relevance but there is always a line an advertiser shouldn’t cross. Also, understand when the recipient will receive the text and reliability of the gateway. Nobody wants to receive a text at midnight!

Don’t over-use the bulk SMS marketing channel – Infrequent and brief messaged from businesses will ensure that users don’t unsubscribe from the communication. Use other channels such as e-mails to regularly update e-mails but avoid text messages for such communications.

Make sure you have a legitimate reason to send SMS messages – Ensure every message passes on useful information, acts as a reminder or clarifies an arrangement. As long as it has a legitimate use to an individual they will be happy to receive more text messages in the future.

How Can An Australian Business Integrate An SMS API?

Utilising an API is common practice by Australian businesses that have large-scale text message requirements. Developers connect to the SMS gateway through their preferred API from SMPP, Java, .NET, PHP or SOAP. Most providers will support SDKs through sample cost, documents and reusable libraries. Make sure the provider you choose has support levels that match your understanding of an SMS API as you may need a hands-on provider.

When setting up your API, the Australian SMS provider will provide you with sample code. This will allow you to connect to a SOAP API regardless of SMS API language you prefer. A provider like MessageMedia has samples o Java, GitHub in C3, Bash & Python as well as PHP. Other languages such as C++, Ruby and Powershell can also be utilised. Just talk to their support team when you first join and talk to their specialist SMS API technical support person.

What Are The Benefits Of An SMS API Integration To A Text Message Platform?

API integration is so popular because:

  • Two-Way Messaging: The ability to send messages to the major Australian SMS networks and receive replies from the users.  
  • Message Tagging: A two-way SMS feature that reports on the exact application that an outbound message reply corresponds to.
  • Delivery Reporting: Track your text messages exact time they are received to handsets providing you an full delivery audit-trail.
  • Validity Period: Specify just how long a text message should be valid for so after this time, if the SMS has not been delivered it doesn’t get delivered.
  • API Web Push: Get real-time delivery of inbound text messages to a URL for quick replies of staff, customers unlike polling that can take time to validate.

Using A Premium SMS Provider

If your business send SMS messages to customers, clients, stakeholders or staff, then a premium direct gateway carrier is for you. Your message will be delivered directly to major text message service providers (such as Telstra & Optus). An text message gateway allows a computer to distribute or accept business SMS marketing transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are usually routed into the mobile phone networksSMS API Text Message Gateway

Need for a reliant premium SMS text message gateway provider when:
– Time reliant SMS
– SMS alerts
– SMS where content is highly private
– Return messages from your customers are highly important
– Marketing and communication campaigns
– Reminders for appointments and delivering of a particular service

Opportunities of a Free Trial to test SMS Gateway Australia providers

One of the values of assessing the functionality, reliability and efficiency of the SMS Gateway Australia providers is by testing them through the offers of using their free trial period or the provision of a range of SMS that are allocated to test their service. It can vary from free 5 SMS to 25 SMS dependent on the providers offer. In the case of the five selected Gateway providers, Message Bird does not offer such offer and Nexmo will charge two (2) Euro. SMS Global, Burst SMS and SMS Solutions all offer a free trial based either on number of text messages or a period of time.

Integrate SMS by SMS Gateway Australia providers

The use of flexible SMS API, Gateway providers can integrate SMS services into their own system and application for better functionality required by the client.  New SMS integrations can often added later on. Many SMS Gateway Australia providers as reviewed in this site have API that can send more than 100 messages at any one time with the right type of application. For example, one is able to check the balance, delivery status of a single or group SMS without the need to login to the web interface. The official Microsoft ASP.NET Site is available for PHP, Ruby and .NET.There is no concern about shared resources since these providers have dedicated SMS API servers, thus allowing text messages and responses to be distributed efficiently and reliably. A number of these providers have quick integrations, connected with applications such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor and Zapier.

SMS Gateway Australia Services on offer

SMS Gateway Australia is essentially an online platform that provides a client with the means to send mass text messages within seconds of the command to send. It acts as a conduit between the user and the telecommunication network so that a reliable service is provided. There is premier and hybrid telecommunication services, the latter being cheaper overseas providers which can be not as efficient as those within Australia. Many of the Gateway Australia providers use national dependable carriers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone with an uptime of 99.9% or better with many having a 100% money back reliability guarantee. In most cases, Australian SMS Gateway providers have customer care centres in Australia to respond quickly to any concerns or information need for distribution of text messages. They provide an SMS service to engage with customers as well as measure and track campaign performance.

About This Text Message Gateway Australia comparison

Our comparison was completed in January 2017. The table above shows the final five providers while other providers were considered such as SMS Broadcast, Wholesale SMS, Clickatell and Clicksend. The information was all sourced from the web SMS provider’s websites with correspondence only made at time to verify information published. As this information came from the websites with no automation used it’s recommended that you verify the data shown on this site within the providers website. This can verify your decision when selecting the Australia SMS Gateway provider that’s right for you.


Last edited on 30 January 2017

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