Why use SMS Comparison.com.au before selecting an text message provider?

Finding the right Australian SMS provider

Finding the right Australian SMS provider for your business or organisation should be easy but, in many cases, it isn’t. Complicated pricing models, product features and text message gateway networks complicate matters. To help Australian businesses, SMS Comparison sites uses information from providers’ websites in straightforward comparison tables.

At SMS Comparison.com.au, you can simply navigate from the homepage to the type of service you require from SMS Gateway Australia, SMS Marketing, SMS to email, to Bulk SMS. If you’re not sure what type of business an SMS provider suits you, simply view our blogs or just visit one of our pages and you will see a detailed explanation of the service and who it is suitable for you.

About SMS Comparison

SMS Comparison is not owned by any Australian SMS providers. The site is run and owned by Australians with commissions made only when you choose a provider from the SMS Comparison website. These providers were chosen to ensure you find the best provider based on your product, service or communication needs and value to your business.

We never ask for your personal information on our site and send you to the provider’s site once you have selected your preferred plan. We appreciate your support and always welcome questions and feedback.

What Text Message Provider Categories Are Compared On The Site?

There are many different requirements Australian businesses have when it comes to using text messages (SMS). These range from in-house communication alerts to marketing campaigns to customers and clients. To help businesses find the right provider there are eight comparison tables that have been formulated.

1) SMS Gateway

Most companies have large-scale databases and CRM platforms. Utilizing this information to send targeted messages and influential times to only key segments is possible through a text message gateway. The key to a good SMS gateway provider is the ability to easily integrate your existing platform in a reliable manner.

2) Bulk Text Message

Sending mass communication through SMS is one of the best ways to communicate to a large audience due to the high open rates of text messages. The key though is to choose a text message provider that can deliver high volume SMS demands within a short time frame. Cost, ability to deliver efficiently and reliably are the key elements compared.

3) Business SMS Providers

More than ever, businesses rely on text messages to communicate with their customers and clients. They also rely on SMS for verification (e.g. Banking) which means a provider with near-perfect up-time and near-instant ability to deliver. The ‘high end’ business text message providers were compared in this section that comply with direct SPAM marketing and other communication laws.

4) Text Message Reminders

Hundreds of businesses lose money when customers miss appointments from dentists, mechanics or personal trainers. With text message open rates near 100%, finding a provider which can help automate personalised reminder messages can dramatically reduce cancellations. The providers with the best in-build appointment reminder features were compared on the SMS Comparison Table.

5) Cheap SMS

Many businesses with non-critical communications via text messages just want to communicate in the most cost-effective manner. Based on the concept of a non-critical and non-time-sensitive requirement, the cheapest SMS providers were compared.

6) Email To SMS

The ability to send SMS alerts and communication via e-mail (such as Outlook) is a feature provided by a number of Australian SMS providers. These top providers with strong features were compared online.

7) SMS Marketing

Communicating to new and existing customers is one of the growing segments of text message communication. Choosing a provider with in-built SMS marketing functionality that is easy to use can maximise this communication channel. The top text message marketing providers were chosen and compared on the marketing table.

8) SMS From Computer

The ability to send multiple text messages from your computer quickly were compared on this final table. Price, features, customer service and deliverability were all considered when selecting the Australian providers in this section.

Some features of Business SMS worth investigating

There are a number of features that should be looked at when reviewing SMS providers for your Business SMS needs. The detailed list and comparisons between different Australian and some overseas providers can be reviewed from the SMS Comparison Table presented on various sites. A brief outline of three quality features worth exploring are presented below.

a) SMS Service Provider

Within the area of Business SMS, there are numerous text messaging service providers in Australia. The matter of identifying which providers offer the right features for your needs can be viewed in a tabulated format with one of the SMS Comparison Tables available. When researching and selecting a provider that can offer you the right Business SMS facilities, you need to look at their extensive service including Web SMS, Email to SMS, SMS API, SMS marketing, and more. Reliability connections are always an issue so the need for safe and secure access and direct onshore telecommunications carrier connections which can provide guarantee delivery and transparency in their reporting system. Of course, expert and highly responsive support, service quality and price on the market are part and parcel of your selection process.

b) SMS Solutions

One of the major SMS solutions for any business SMS is to have the best and efficient online SMS platforms allowing thousands of Australian businesses to set up, send and manage all aspects of their SMS communications from any computer, anywhere in Australia and if required, in the world. Whether it is sending a single text message or a campaign of thousands, a web SMS application is needed that will provide a reliable, safe and uncomplicated SMS communication solution for any Business SMS. One of the solutions that support Business SMS is to provide an email to SMS facility that allows you to use your existing email provider or take advantage of a provider’s integration with a particular platform. This way by writing an email, sending and having it automatically delivered to all your mobile contacts you can be assured a solution for any Business SMS requirements.

c) SMS Text Messaging

With respect to Business SMS, the matter of SMS text messaging is the crux of the matter. It is the most widely used data application with billions of active users well over 80% of all mobile phone subscribers. Therefore for a Business SMS opportunity, this SMS means short message service which is a text messaging component of most mobile telecommunication systems and the World Wide Web. As such, it is a very effective and efficient way to enable mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages. There are other facilities that would also be advantageous to Business SMS and that includes the facilitation of a text-to-voice conversion that can also be sent to landlines. With such a large widely used data application, Business SMS need to take advantage of the communication effectiveness of a business and marketing instrument whether it is for youth and adults for personal, social and business reasons.

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