SMS Broadcast Review of their SMS Message Gateway

SMS Broadcast is one of the significant SMS gateway providers in Australia. It began its operations back in 2005 and has a wide range of highly valued customers. It serves purely the Australian market in its text messaging service.

SMS Broadcast is an SMS gateway provider offering:

  • Time-sensitive text messages
  • Sophisticated API software (HTTP API & Email-to-SMS API)
  • 2 way SMS so customers can both receive and respond
  • Guaranteed lower prices in Australia
  • Free trial available

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The company has gained a respected reputation as a reliable SMS gateway provider to large and medium-sized businesses which includes government departments. Its competitive pricing matches other Australian gateway providers and offers a user-friendly customer support service.

Destination numbers can be typed in, selected from an online address book, uploaded from a data export, or simply copied and pasted from a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

As stated on their website, SMS Broadcast comes with a range of online features to make it easier for you to manage your campaigns

  • Scheduling: Program messages to be sent immediately or at a later time or date.
  • Address book: Manage contacts and groups to make it easier to send regular updates.
  • Templates: Use online message templates to maintain consistency in your communications.
  • Replies: Choose whether messages are sent from your mobile number, another phone, or our inbound reporting number. Use replies to manage opt-outs and customer conversations.
  • Inbound number: You can also purchase an inbound number to use on all marketing and communication pieces so that customers can contact you by SMS whenever they like.

SMS Broadcast distributes a range of bulk SMS messages for promotions, campaigns, reminders, offers, product launches, reward program updates or birthday specials.

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SMS Broadcast Review Of Prices

One of the feature points is that SMS Broadcast offers is one of the lowest SMS prices in Australia. Simple, self-managed service means no need to contact SMS Broadcast or to discuss with a sales representative, thus reducing the overheads with a resultant lower price per SMS.

This SMS gateway provider offers a huge discount for all new customers on the first use of their services and there is an initial free trial of 25 free SMS to test the system.

SMS Broadcast SMS Gateway Prices

From a review of a number of reputable SMS gateway providers in Australia, the comparison of different providers pricing against each other shows SMS Broadcast to be high ranking.

Online Reviews of SMS Broadcast

Compared to other SMS Gateway providers, SMS Broadcast displays their online reviews or blogging invitations or requesting feedback. Trustpilot has a rating of 4.7 from 342 reviews.

SMS Broadcast Reviews

Other than saying it is a wholly Australian owned company that since its inception in 2005, over 90% of its business is generated from loyal recurrent customers. There is no mention of names of clients although a few clients’ comments can be found on their website, unlike a number of their comparable competitors.

The reputation of SMS Broadcast

The company has gained a respected reputation for providing an SMS gateway service over a number of years that is considered to be a good support to organisations whether they are large businesses, SMEs or government departments.

They have sophisticated technology and sound support that provides technical and advisory information for those requiring assistance. It is this quality of customer care, security and privacy in order to attain the highest level of achievement and satisfaction that makes them a most reputable company. SMS Broadcast, therefore, ranks very highly from a reputation compared to other providers.

Value of Using SMS Broadcast for Larger Organisations

Our SMS Broadcast review of a number of significant SMS Gateway companies in Australia showed that it suited well with larger companies who depend on reliability, privacy and security in sending large volumes of SMS at any one time.

The strength of SMS Broadcast is its capacity to use premium Australian telecommunication carrier networks, virtually providing a guarantee to those businesses that SMS would be sent on a required day, at the required time and with an immediate response if required.

SMS Broadcast offers industry partners their API for connectivity. However, their website provides no indication of their client base whether large or SMEs, so one cannot provide feedback from larger organisations that may use this service.


SMS Broadcast services

The review showed that SMS Broadcast has numerous options of disseminating communication and marketing information through browser-based message gateway platforms such as Outlook Mobile Service, Email to SMS, Online SMS, and SMS Marketing facilities.  Such opportunities provide responses to be collated through their inbound system, which will be directed to any email address, or directly to a mobile phone.

Similarly, SMS Broadcast capabilities extend to exporting contact numbers from any external program which can then be uploaded into an address book format for use in campaigns. This means that the business can be provided with personalized notices to improve contacts with customers, clients and/or staff.

For all the above reasons, SMS Broadcast rates are relatively well-rated among its SMS gateway competitors.

What about SMEs suitability to use SMS Broadcast Gateway Service?

For small to medium-size businesses and organisations, it provides attractive offers with unlimited credit for the period of an agreement that is enforced. It appears not to offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and this may be a hindrance to some SMEs however it does offer the facility of never paying for undelivered messages. This means that SMEs should not be concerned about cost when distributing SMS to their end-users.

SMS Broadcast is a developer and owner of its own sophisticated API software technology and can create SMS solutions to suit SMEs specific needs, which can be a real advantage. It has 2 different SMS gateways for ensuring SMS capability to software:

  • HTTP API – This is a full-featured API that is ideal for distributing bulk text messages as well as single messages
  • Email to SMS – this is a simple way of sending text messages over email.

As an Australian provider, it provides a local customer support contact number and its staff are available to assist with inquiries during Australian business hours only, but not on a 24/7 basis.

Taking into consideration the features and services available, SMS Broadcast rates relatively well as a gateway provider for small to medium-size businesses.

 Reliability and Compliance of SMS Broadcast

SMS Broadcast makes sure that texting can be disseminated within a 30 seconds time frame. By logging in anywhere in Australia with an internet connection, you can be assured that the required SMS that needs to be distributed will occur without concern about the process or the timing.

Because SMS Broadcast has a powerful gateway platform it is able to deliver your text messages with reliability and security, irrespective of whether it be a bulk or a single message transmission, there is a certain peace of mind when engaging this gateway provider. A reporting service is available to provide that reassurance.

SMS Broadcast Review

SMS Broadcast provides high-level software integration technology which is considered to be one of the best offered by an Australian text message provider that offers SMS Gateway Australia services.

There are two matters that need to be addressed. Firstly, SMS Broadcast does not provide a full uptime guarantee of 100% assurance that text messages will be delivered immediately even though they emphasize that their reliability as being on time is full proof. Secondly, they do charge $99 a year for a virtual number which may hinder some smaller businesses.

From the authors independent SMS Gateway review, this carrier is relatively well suited for small to medium-size enterprises than a larger company. On a ranking, SMS Broadcast ranked in the middle of its competitors.

From a compliance aspect, SMS Broadcast does not outline openly its compliance requirements. One has to search the site to find its anti SPAM details, privacy policy. Its Terms and Conditions are lengthy and difficult to follow.

SMS Broadcast does have a strict anti-SPAM policy. Its SMS messaging services must only be used in accordance with the SPAM Act of 2003. They do not allow sending unsolicited SMS messages. You must have consent to send SMS messages to each recipient before sending and SMS messages to them, in accordance with the SPAM Act.

There is no mention of following the General Data Protection Regulations adopted by most SMS gateway providers.

Visit SMS Broadcast Website


Which gateway is better for my business – Direct or Hybrid?

Australian SMS providers offer a range of text message gateways to help get your message across. These might include an email to SMS gateway Australia or a cheap SMS gateway. Larger providers will offer premium gateways. Unlike some other SMS gateway service providers, SMS Broadcast provides the option of both types of gateways. Any business SMS service offering cheap messages will almost certainly be using a hybrid gateway.

The optimal use of each gateway can be summarised as follows:

 Direct gateway  Time reliant SMS  SMS alerts  Confidentiality required  Importance of information
 Hybrid gateway  Bulk SMS (not time restricted)  Marketing campaigns  Appointment reminders  Service delivery notifications

Overall Thoughts on SMS Broadcast

SMS broadcast is one of Australia’s most experienced SMS companies, established in 2005, offering a wide range of online SMS services including a comprehensive SMS gateway.

SMS Broadcast Gateway provides a means of distributing and receiving SMS from any web browser in order to make contact with customers or clients or employees in a prompt and effective manner.  It uses major Australian telecommunications networks, such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin, which are served through its gateway. In many cases, text messaging can be routed through a mobile phone network.

About This SMS Gateway Australia Comparison

Because SMS gateway service providers deliver their text message systems using different systems, it makes sense to be able to compare their features like a simple to follow comparison site so that a potential client can make an intelligent decision about whom to engage. That’s why this SMS Gateway table Comparison was developed.

Each independent review has focused on looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each gateway SMS provider. It should be stressed that the reviewers of this table do not work in the SMS field.

The SMS Broadcast review should be considered as an indicator of SMS prices and features and can be changed without the authors knowing of such changes.

Please be aware that the Comparison Table is provided to you free of charge, however, a commission may be requested from the SMS provider’s site should you engage in their service through this comparison site.



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