Best Australian SMS Providers for 2024

The top SMS providers based on our analysis were:

Best SMS Provider

From a vast review of numerous high-quality SMS providers in Australia, ClickSend is assessed to be the best SMS provider offering a wide range of SMS messaging services in the communication and marketing arena for Australian and overseas businesses. This reputable gateway provider offers seamless integration from any web-enabled computer with no setup or software requirements needed by the client. Sending text messages has been made simple by ClickSend’s powerful and flexible set of SMS API software and network systems. Some of the outstanding features include:

  • Low pricing from 7.0c per SMS message.
  • Sophisticated API (Application Programming Interface) system.
  • No monthly fees or contract requirements.
  • Reliability with a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • National and global network for campaigns.
  • 24/7 support based in Australia and overseas.

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Popular SMS Marketing Provider

Sinch MessageMedia is a popular SMS marketing provider in Australia that offers a range of features, including bulk messaging, SMS automation, and mobile landing pages. It has advanced and seamless SMS marketing solutions. It has competitive pricing based on advanced software to automate marketing functions. It has a large global footprint with a range of medium to large-sized clients.

When comparing pricing schedules presented by different SMS providers that service Australian businesses, it can be shown that Cellcast offers the most cost-effective set of prices for the distribution of bulk SMS messages. Another strong bulk sms provider is chatti and we made an exclusive Cellcast vs Chatti comparison based on prices, relability and customer service.

When comparing pricing between its competitors in the bulk SMS delivery service, its outbound messaging service is the cheapest for distribution whether it is for small, medium or large volumes of text messages distributed over a monthly period.

It has no setup fees, and no contracts, with multiple users that can access the account. There is an opportunity to have a free trial before engaging this provider. Chatti states that it offers a price-beat guarantee.

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Top SMS API Functionality

ClickSend offers the best range of functionality from their API (Application Programming Interface) system. It provides a sophisticated API platform with limited resources and fewer security requirements, browser compatibility, and scalability, all of which are desired for web services.

It provides seamless integration with any email software, allowing developers to send and receive SMS text messages promptly within their software, websites, or mobile applications. This way it can save, store and manage client contacts efficiently. So, when sending a text message is required to be disseminated, it is only a matter of a short period for the distribution to happen.

ClickSend provides a policy on general data protection and privacy for all individuals and also addresses the export of personal data.

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Best SMS Marketing Software

Podium is a marketing platform with advanced solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS mobile marketing. It is a cloud-based content marketing platform for businesses that enables users to collect user-generated content and use the content to build a brand and manage the customer experience. The integrated solution lets brands collect, curate, manage and respond to user-generated content.

It has an engine platform that can create hyper-targeted segments to engage subscribers based on advanced data points, including customer behaviour, attributes, and SMS data. It allows you to leverage data to target customers or subscribers down to their personalised path to purchase in the moments that matter most with tailored SMS & MMS messages that drive revenue and foster relationships.

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Great Premium Service

One of the clear distinctions between ClickSend and other comparable Australian SMS gateway providers is the high online review rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 2774 reviews, which is extremely high. That tells a lot about the premium capability and service of this SMS provider.

ClickSend provides an extensive range of text messaging services for large, medium and even small-sized businesses for SMS marketing campaigns, communications, promotions, SMS reminders, and customer notifications. It has its network with the capacity to manage, support and provide a 24/7 service.

Having high throughput capability, this SMS distributor delivers text messages to mobile phone numbers over a month to over nine million end users sent in a day. That’s the versatility of this gateway provider. One of the most attractive features of ClickSend is its uptime and latency time. For full delivery time including processing, it can provide a 97% delivery within two seconds and 99% delivery within ten seconds.

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Top Global SMS Gateway

Founded in 2008, Twilio has grown into a leading global SMS company, boasting sixteen offices across ten countries. They provide a robust infrastructure that supports the worldwide distribution of communication messages.

Twilio sends and receives text messages with APIs powering 66+ billion messages a year. It reaches customers around the world on any channel like Meta (Facebook) Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Email, and more so clients can reach their end-users. It is considered the top global SMS gateway provider.

Its IT platform allows it to deliver SMS no matter what the challenges of scale may be, with configurable software to power phone number management, sender selection, compliance, content, and replies.

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Excellent SMS Provider Integration

Telstra offers an SMS Access Manager, allowing customers to effortlessly send and receive large messages in near real-time through a straightforward application interface. This service provides a dependable direct link to Telstra’s Next G network and various other domestic and international mobile networks.

This provider can customise SMS Access Manager to best suit clients’ business needs by choosing between wireless, dial-up, and short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) access. It can track well messages through registered message functionality to provide delivery reports.

Telstra can send large volumes of SMS and MMS messages quickly, safely and more efficiently from an app tailored to the client’s needs, while benefiting from competitive volume-based pricing.

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Good Appointment Reminder Service

The capability to effortlessly create, save, and modify templates on a platform underscores why Yotpo is highly recommended as the preferred provider for SMS reminders.

SMS Broadcast simplifies the task of dispatching essential and timely reminders, thanks to its intuitive interface and the facility for instant customer feedback.

Here are compelling reasons to choose SMS Broadcast for your SMS reminder needs:

  • Conveniently dispatch text messages to clients using your personal or business email, their API, or the Web SMS platform.
  • Utilize saved templates for regular SMS reminder dispatches.
  • Enhance reminders by automatically incorporating the names of your customers.
  • Access to live chat and phone support ensures professional assistance is always available.

SMS Broadcast simplifies the task of dispatching essential and timely reminders, thanks to its intuitive interface and the facility for instant customer feedback.

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2024 Australian SMS Provider Pricing Comparison

Monthly SMS Volume
3.70 3.10 2.90 2.80
6.90 6.50 5.90 5.50
7.00 6.50 6.00 5.50
7.00 6.00 5.80 5.80
6.50 6.00 5.00 5.50
6.60 6.60 6.60 6.60
7.00 7.00 7.00 7.00
5.60 5.40 5.40 5.40
7.90 7.90 7.90 7.90
8.50 8.00 7.60 7.00
8.20 7.50 7.00 7.00
11.90 8.00 8.00 8.00
9.80 9.60 8.60 8.20
4.90 4.57 4.45 4.33
25.00 21.00 20.00 19.00

Updated on 24-06-2024. Currency is in AUD $

As can be seen from the pricing table, CellCast is the cheapest SMS provider for a low, medium and high volume of SMS distributed monthly. This is closely followed by ClickSend, SMS Broadcast and Sinch MessageMedia.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, SMS Global, Telstra and Essendex charge significantly more than their competitors for the distribution of SMS in all ranges of volume numbers.

Other Australian SMS Providers


Esendex offers a straightforward range of text messaging services for businesses and organizations, acting as a one-stop solution for SMS communication and marketing. With a global presence, including offices in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and a main office in Nottingham, UK, Esendex provides extensive telecommunication networks and expert API development. This ensures efficient SMS delivery.

Key features of Esendex include:

ISO 27001 certification for top-notch information security across all offices.

Commitment to processing 90% of SMS messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.

The ability for real-time communication through their reliable and user-friendly API platform.

View Esendex Review >>

Bird (previously named MessageBird)

MessageBird operates from a Sydney office and has its main headquarters in Amsterdam. They claim their API, dashboard, and integrations can reach up to seven billion mobile phones globally, thanks to their network of over 900 carrier connections around the world. They focus on serving various industries, including healthcare, transportation, logistics, and retail.

MessageBird has a powerful messaging API platform that offers effective outbound and inbound text message distribution. It has some innovative features such as its Chat and Voice messaging platforms, which make it one step simpler to improve message awareness and notification between the sender and the individual through means of any mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

View Message Bird Review >>


Australian small and medium-sized businesses require a user-friendly SMS gateway, and TextIt stands out. It offers an intuitive platform, customer support, and even a managed services option where they handle all setup tasks for the client.

TextIt facilitates two-way communication and features an address book, enabling the sending of personalized messages and allowing recipients to reply.

View Textit Review >>

SMS Global

There is good value in SMS Global as an SMS Gateway provider to Australian enterprises. This is based on its ability to competitively distribute bulk at a reasonable price to service both mid-size and large companies and organisations. It shows a high 99.99% uptime reliability using its flexible API platforms so that it can disseminate a text messaging service globally. SMSGlobal began in 2007 and now has 5 overseas offices (Croatia, Dubai, the UK, New Zealand and the USA).

SMS Global offers MXT, a cloud-based and intuitive web SMS platform that provides businesses and organizations with access to their SMS gateway. Compatible with any web browser, it enables the easy sending and receiving of text messages both nationally and internationally from any device connected to the internet.

View SMS Global Review >>

Vonage (ex Nexmo)

Vonage Communications, previously Nexmo, has been chosen as a suitable SMS gateway for businesses in the USA, thanks to its extensive local and international network, high delivery success rates in bulk text messaging, and the ability to scale messaging APIs for global reach.

Vonage’s direct-to-carrier network enhances security by preventing bulk messages from passing through numerous systems before arriving at the recipient’s phone. Additionally, it handles global regulatory requirements, eliminating the need for businesses to spend time on programming and compliance for each country.

View Vonage Review >>

SMS Solutions

SMS Solutions was established over ten years ago in Australia by a team of individuals with a strong technical background, combined with a deep understanding of marketing and promotions. They knew exactly what customers needed from the information they were given.

The company tailors specific plans to meet the unique needs of each client, supported by reliable SMS software that is easy to use across various devices, including MAC/PC, iPad/Tablet, or smartphone.

They provide extensive customer support services for both current and prospective clients, emphasizing the importance of quick setup and technical assistance in case of any system issues. Unlike many competitors in the SMS gateway industry, they offer 24/7 support through a 1 800 number, ensuring superior service availability.

View SMS Solution Review >>

Wholesale SMS

Wholesale SMS delivers a comprehensive and integrated text messaging service, enabling efficient SMS sending from computers. Their SMS gateway is designed for rapid delivery, boasting an average send time of approximately 12 seconds from initiation to reaching the recipient’s mobile phone.

Given that SMS messages have an estimated 92% read rate, with most texts read within three minutes of delivery, the effectiveness of text messaging as a powerful tool for communication and marketing is evident.

The evaluation of Wholesale SMS highlights its provision of a broad array of features and services that cater well to potential clients’ needs.

View Wholesale SMS Review >>


TextMagic is a Cambridge, UK-based bulk SMS service provider. It offers a good range of features and templates with an Application-to-Person messaging service that provides a secure, reliable means of reaching almost anyone who has access to a mobile or the internet. With over 10,000 active business clients sending 2.5 million SMS each month, it has successfully assisted companies in connecting with their clients.

It integrates its SMS gateway with any website or software using its API platform tools and adds text messaging to business workflow. This can be extended to social media platforms. It has worldwide access to over 1,000 mobile networks across 200+ countries.

View TextMagic Review >>


Trumpia is a California, USA-based SMS provider offering global text messaging service for enterprises since 2006. This provider is not suited for Australian businesses due to no local customer service, no Australian pricing schedule available and poor reviews by past Australian customers.

View Trumpia Review >>

SMS Provider FAQs

The easiest text message provider is ClickSend as it is easy to access its website supported by a 24/7 customer service centre based in Australia and overseas.

It offers one of the cheapest pricing schedules whether it is for small. medium or large volumes of SMS with excellent reliability of distribution supported by a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).


One of the clear distinctions between Sinch MessageMedia and other comparable Australian SMS gateway providers is the high quality of service it provides. Its online review rating of 4.7 rating om 316 reviews, which is high. That tells a lot about the premium capability and service of this provider.

MessageMedia provides an extensive range of text messaging services for large, medium and even small-sized businesses for SMS marketing, communications, promotions, SMS reminders, and customer notifications.


Things you need to consider in choosing an SMS service provider:
  1. Need to offer a range of features such as ease of use of the website; well-developed API. platform; the versatility of offers; contracts; free trials; security and privacy policies.
  2. The clear pricing schedule for low, medium and high volume distribution of SMS.
  3. Reliability of the SMS service provider e.g. Does it offer Service Level Agreement?
  4. SMS service scalability – the ability to adapt, particularly in regard to growth and increased demand.
  5. 24/7 customer support.
  6. Provision of analytics and reporting system.
  7. User-friendly experience through legitimate reviews.

There are 5 benefits of an SMS provider:

  1. Speed – Using the provider’s web SMS platform will allow you to create and send SMS promptly to thousands of contacts in just seconds.
  2. Cost-effective – With an online SMS platform, you can send SMS messages for just a few cents. These rates will vary depending on the SMS volume sent over a monthly period.
  3. Reliability – SMS remains a direct and consistent platform to communicate with end users. SMS is the most reliable way to create a true two-way conversation.
  4. Universal platform – Provide a sophisticated IT platform that can allow your message to be formatted to a text message that is accessible to mobile phones.
  5. Integration – Through SMS provider’s API (Application Programming Interface) integration, businesses can seamlessly introduce SMS into their existing CRM tools and infrastructure.







Our team assessed and ranked over 20 Australian SMS providers in January 2024. Each SMS provider was graded based on 21 variables with over 234 hours of research based on the provider’s website and third-party customer review sites.

SMS Comparison has taken provider feedback on board to make the review as accurate as possible and asked questions when elements such as pricing were unclear. All data provided was double-checked to ensure it was accurate and a manual review occurs monthly.

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