Summary Of Cellcast

Cellcast is one of the newer SMS providers in Australia offering the cheapest SMS prices in SMS Comparison 2024 reviews.

Cellcast is a leading Australian provider of mobile communications, offering SMS, MMS and e-mail marketing solutions.

Their services enable businesses, agencies and organisations to profit from the accelerating growth of interactive and transactional mobile messaging.

💻 Demo Account: 30 Free SMS Credit
🏢 Head Office Melbourne, Australia
📅 Founded (UK) 2001
⭐ Reviews (Trustindex) 4.9 – 142 Reviews (Excellent)
↔ Sevice Level Agreement 99.7% uptime/24/7 support
💰 Price Match Guarantee Yes
📊 Pricing Cheapest pricing of all SMS bulk providers

About Cellcast

Cellcast Review

Cellcast Australia is now 100% Australian-owned and independently operated. Its team has over 15 years of experience implementing custom technology solutions. They are considered to be experts in mobile communications, with a focus on SMS and MMS messaging.

Cellcast is committed to offering businesses key benefits, including improved operational efficiency, enhanced safety, and reduced communication costs. Cellcast leverages various strengths across multiple channels and networks by collaborating with top global infrastructure and media companies. This collaboration fuels faster growth by utilizing resources that cater to a vast number of active users.

It services a diverse portfolio of clients including defence, government agencies and private entities. In addition, comprehensive local support is provided with all Cellcast solutions such as:

  • Corporate Offices – 2FA Management
  • Aged Care – Nurse call services
  • Hospital Tracking – Way finding MMS
  • Manufacturing, Mining and Construction – Project Management SMS
  • Schools and Universities – Notification Services
  • Warehousing – Reporting & Alerts
  • Hotels, Real Estate, Car Rental – MMS Marketing
  • Conferences, Events – Attendance Management

Cellcast Pricing Review

Our March 2024 pricing comparison found that Cellcast offered the cheapest SMS rates of any Australian SMS provider reviewed.  Cellcast pricing schedule per SMS per month depends on the number of text messages distributed per month. For example, 2000 SMS will cost AUD$0.037/Message while 20,000 SMS will cost A$0.029/Message. Have a look at their easy-to-use website for specific ‘ready reckoner’ pricing options.

Its Dedicated Numbers charge is $18 per month or cheaper at $168 yearly.

Monthly SMS Volume
3.70 3.10 2.90 2.80
6.90 6.50 5.90 5.50
7.00 6.50 6.00 5.50
7.00 6.00 5.80 5.80
6.50 6.00 5.00 5.50
6.60 6.60 6.60 6.60
7.00 7.00 7.00 7.00
5.60 5.40 5.40 5.40
7.90 7.90 7.90 7.90
8.50 8.00 7.60 7.00
8.20 7.50 7.00 7.00
11.90 8.00 8.00 8.00
9.80 9.60 8.60 8.20
4.90 4.57 4.45 4.33
25.00 21.00 20.00 19.00

Updated on 04-07-2024. Currency is in AUD $

Cellcast does not charge:

  • a setup fee,
  • no monthly fee,
  • fixed number,
  • for delivery reports, and
  • no contractual arrangements are required.

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There is a charge for your Virtual Number, like many other providers. Send and receive from your number for $220 per year, with a 30% further discount applies to new customers. The provider offers either monthly or pre-payment options. Another positive in its pricing details is that no credit expiry occurs, unlike a number of its competitors.

Overall, if the price is a key consideration when choosing an SMS provider then it’s recommended to consider Cellcast.

Other Features of Cellcast

Cellcast provides a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to create and send SMS campaigns quickly and easily. Their platform includes a range of features, such as message personalization, automated responses, and detailed analytics, to help businesses optimize their SMS marketing campaigns and measure their success.

One of the key benefits of using Cellcast as an SMS provider is the company’s focus on compliance with industry regulations. Cellcast ensures that all SMS campaigns comply with these regulations to protect businesses and their customers’ privacy.

Overall, Cellcast is a reliable SMS provider that offers a range of mobile marketing services to businesses. The company’s platform is easy to use and includes a range of features to help businesses create effective SMS marketing campaigns.

Latest update on 14 January 2024

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Value For Money
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Customer Service
9 / 10

Cellcast SMS Marketing Review

Cellcast is highly esteemed for its professionalism and superior SMS marketing tools and software. SMS messages are notably effective, with a remarkable open rate surpassing 92%, ensuring messages are read swiftly, usually within minutes of receipt. This contrasts sharply with emails, which often go unnoticed, end up in spam, or are deleted unread. The succinct nature of SMS compels senders to be brief, fostering a cost-effective communication that enhances conversion rates over time.

Moreover, SMS marketing is economically efficient and precisely targeted, thanks to the sophisticated filtering of client databases. Among the few in Australia, Cellcast’s MMS & SMS marketing platform masterfully exploits the mobile market, securing a significant competitive edge.

The immediate feedback provided by SMS is crucial for marketing success, supported by assured message delivery, which makes choosing mobile marketing straightforward.

According to the SMS Australia Gateway Comparison Table, Cellcast boasts a comprehensive selection of advanced software templates, surpassing standard email-to-SMS services. It offers robust web-based solutions for email-to-SMS, including MMS features, elevating mobile marketing with enhanced engagement through MMS marketing and picture messaging.

New users can explore the service with a 30 free SMS credit trial available upon first login. An initial pop-up invites users to engage in an online chat, providing tailored information about the services and promotions available to meet their specific needs.

Reliability of Cellcast

Cellcast is a Melbourne-based SMS gateway supplier that is impressive with its reliability standard.

It allows an inbound automation message to be routed from an end user’s mobile device and delivered to a mobile phone or an application. Cellcast has the API capability of determining the exact GPS coordinates of an end-user by sending an SMS or an email which means that your customer’s location can be reached within a matter of few seconds.

There is no direct mention of Service Level Agreements or percentage uptime when distributing SMS, unlike many other SMS marketing distributors.

Its sophisticated API platform means that AI integration can send messages from custom applications or the world’s leading client relationship management applications (SMS API MMS API Zapier API Email to SMS.

With everything from opt-in graphs to geographical metrics and link tracking, Cellcast’s API platform records advanced data sets and generates real-time graphical representations, to make it easy to measure and improve your campaigning each time.

Cellcast Customer Service Level & Compliance

Cellcast Customer Service Excellence & Compliance Overview

The evaluation highlights that Cellcast excels in providing clear and straightforward communication channels. Their customer service team is readily accessible during business hours to address inquiries and offer assistance in Australia & NZ at (03) 8560 7025, with round-the-clock support available in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Cellcast assures its customers and clients of robust security measures, boasting military-grade security features, stringent anti-spam protocols, and compliance with general data protection regulations, ensuring a high level of protection for all parties involved.

Their cloud-based infrastructure is securely located in data centres engineered to meet the demands of the most security-conscious customers. This infrastructure is crafted to maximize availability and enforce stringent control for customer data privacy and isolation.

Cellcast prioritizes the confidentiality of your information, treating it as an integral aspect of its client relationship. Nevertheless, there might be specific scenarios where your personally identifiable information could be shared with third parties, detailed under their website’s Privacy section.

Online Feedback Summary

Our SMS Gateway Comparison review acknowledges Cellcast as a trustworthy and commendable SMS marketing service provider, meriting careful consideration. It enjoys a high reputation, as evidenced by a 4.9 rating out of 142 reviews on the Trustindex review platform as of March 2024.

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Cellcast Software and SMS Gateway Solution

Cellcast Software and SMS Gateway Features

The SMS Gateway provided by Cellcast is a sophisticated web-based system that facilitates sending of SMS text messages directly from a web interface to the recipients within the network’s coverage. This gateway bridges computers and telecommunication networks, enabling seamless SMS communication, for sending or receiving messages.

Cellcast’s SMS marketing software is versatile, offering integration with platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Twitter. It supports a wide array of functionalities, including sending reminders, alerts, notifications, and messages related to sales, orders, deliveries, event coordination, and special occasion marketing, enhancing interactions with customers or employees. Additionally, it includes SMS response capabilities, such as email-to-SMS responses, sending replies to websites or computers, or the option to block incoming replies.

New users are welcomed with a complimentary trial of 30 SMS messages upon their initial sign-up and login, accompanied by a pop-up invitation to discuss the service’s features and offerings tailored to their specific needs.

Cellcast stands out with its robust HTTP to SMS gateway API, which supports the mass distribution of text messages across various networks of leading mobile carriers like Telstra, Optus, Virgin, and Vodafone. The simplicity of SMS integration through the API is assured by providing a collection of sample codes, ensuring seamless compatibility with different business or organizational systems.

The reliability of Cellcast’s SMS gateway is essential for delivering:

  • Urgent or time-sensitive text messages.
  • Alert notifications via text.
  • Secure private messages where confidentiality is paramount.
  • Interactive communications allow recipients to respond (2-way messaging).
  • Reminders for appointments or notifications about important events.

This system is designed to be a reliable tool for effective communication and marketing strategies, catering to various needs and ensuring messages reach their intended audience promptly and securely.

Cellcast Alternatives

There are other key SMS providers’ alternatives in Australia that businesses can consider. We have made ‘head-to-head’ comparison tables to help compare Cellcast to MessageMedia.


About Cellcast?

Cellcast Australia stands as an entirely Australian-owned entity, operating independently with a seasoned team that boasts over two decades of expertise in tailoring technological solutions. They specialize in mobile communication, particularly focusing on SMS and MMS messaging services.

In the latest 2024 Review, Cellcast emerged as one of Australia’s freshest SMS service providers, distinguished for offering the most cost-effective SMS solutions in the market.

The company is committed to enhancing business operations by providing benefits such as improved efficiency in workflow, enhanced safety measures, and reduced costs associated with communication. Their collaborative efforts with top-tier international infrastructure and media firms allow them to harness varied strengths from an array of channels and support networks, thus fueling rapid growth by managing resources for a vast user base of active clients.

Cellcast Interactive Media is at the forefront of mobile communication, delivering cutting-edge programming and interactive mobile messaging services that cater to the burgeoning sector of mobile digital communication. Their offerings empower corporations, agencies, and business clientele to capitalize on the significant expansion and the economic imperative of interactive and transactional mobile messaging.

Be Confident

Cellcast is a leading Melbourne-based cloud-based service provider that enables businesses to easily communicate with their customers via SMS programming and MMS interactive mobile messaging for the fast-growing mobile digital communication platform.

Their focus on MMS marketing and picture messaging is centred around ease of use. Sending a picture message is as simple as clicking a button and selecting which photo the client would like to attach with a message.

Landing pages (examples that you can see on their website) convert FREE custom landing pages designed for high conversion to complement any marketing or communication campaign.

This reputable gateway provider offers online SMS in a seamless integration way from any web-enabled computer with no set-up or software requirements needed. Sending text messages to customers, individuals or organizations has been made simple by Cellcast’s powerful and flexible set of SMS API software and sound network systems.

Their SMS gateway API facilitates SMS integration which means its clients are easily able to communicate with their customers anytime when required. Its online SMS Gateway applications and Email to SMS system offer a comprehensive way to inform people quickly.

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About This SMS Comparison Evaluation

This review of Cellcast is designed to benchmark its features and services against other esteemed SMS Gateway providers in Australia. It was independently crafted by a collective of SMS experts who possess deep knowledge in the field of SMS technology. They identified a clear need to inform potential clients about the varied offerings of different SMS distribution services.

Although the SMS Australia Comparison Table is accessible to the public at no cost, users need to understand that the creators of the review maintain affiliate partnerships with some providers. However, these affiliations do not influence the service rates or fees that users will encounter on the platform.

The content of this review is sourced directly from the providers’ websites and does not rely on an API feed, which poses a risk that some information may become outdated unexpectedly. Users are encouraged to take note of the last update timestamp provided below and are advised to verify the latest details directly from the SMS gateway providers’ websites or their official Meta (Facebook) or LinkedIn profiles before engaging their services.


The latest update is on 20 March 2024.

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