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SMS Comparison’s aim is to make comparing SMS provides in Australia simple. The industry has made it simply too hard to compare prices, features and networks and most companies choose the wrong provider based on miss-information.

SMS Comparison isn’t just about comparing SMS providers either. We go the extra mile to educate users about the industry from the difference between premium and cheap networks to the uses of SMS technology. With it becoming increasingly hard to reach new and existing customers, SMS continues to increase in popularity and usage so getting it right the first time is critical for organisations.

The site has several tables based on the needs of the Australian business. For example, there is a table for an SMS Gateway functionality. There is also a bulk SMS table for those looking to send mass text messages for purposes such as marketing or communication. There is also a business, e-mail to SMS and reminder table. The providers on these tables and elements compared are significantly different as they are ‘made to purpose’ for the consumer.

The site can make revenue from affiliates. This means that when you choose to leave the SMS Comparison site to a text message provider site revenue may be generated. This is true for only some providers. No costs are passed on to the users of the site and additional contract costs are not incurred due to any relationship.

Feel free to contact the authors of this site. This can be for general feedback or any more specific elements such as the need for pricing updates etc. The authors goal of the site is to make comparing providers as simple as possible, so make sure data is accurate and the site is usable is our priority.

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The family behind SMScomparison.com.au

Alain Grossbard

Content and Website Creator

Alain is a researcher, developer and evaluator of content on numerous SMS companies over the past few years. He is presently teaching digital and strategic communications at a University and has a background in the private, public and non for profit sectors as previous head of both Australian and international organisations covering energy, education, marketing, politics, government, and business consultancies. He is passionate about providing the right information to assist businesses in their decision making process.

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Learnt to have no sugar with his coffee.

Justin Grossbard

Content and Website Creator

Justin is a digital director and worked across several of Australia’s leading SMS brands over the past few years. He has created several health insurance Australian websites and has a background in comparing financial goods and services. He is passionate about getting value for money and not overpaying for goods and services.


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Paula Grossbard

Designer & Content Creator

Paula has worked both across Australia and the UK in both private and government roles. Her HR and marketing background has enhanced her knowledge of the SMS industry and the uses of the technology.

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