Who Is Twilio?

Twilio is a cloud communications platform. This SMS company was established in 2008 and is now a global business with with 26 offices in 17 countries and counting, Twilio has the infrastructure to support communications worldwide. they are offering their infrastructure to support the distribution of communication messages around the world.

Twilio offers communication channels such as text messages, voice, chat and video using their sophisticated APIs and their range of platform applications which can be easily used by developers.

Businesses of all sizes utilise Twilio’s platform to establish and expand their communication channels, and it provides a range of tools and services to assist programmers in designing and operating communication apps.

SMS Gateway Twilio’s Features

Twilio has a vast range of features to satisfy business needs providing the tools for effective distribution of communication and marketing promotions. Their platform comes pre-integrated with channels covering such as Email, SMS, Voice, Meta (Facebook) Messenger and WhatsApp, all to contact the end users on the channels they choose. With the opportunity to follow the way users interact across their platforms by integrating the business CRM with Twilio, you can better know your customers’ needs and wants.

It has the infrastructure that businesses and organisations require to allow for scalability and uptime assurance. They will write custom code to expose an API for the business and build your app in the programming language you are already familiar with and will easily adapt. Their software and platforms can effectively reach the end users whether it is customers, clients, or employees within a short period.

As a natural part of this SMS provider, it can distribute and receive global SMS, MMS, and chat messages from any App, with the capability to ensure the message is delivered using its intelligent delivery features.

This provider enables Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet and messaging to be embedded into your web, desktop and mobile software. By making, receiving and controlling calls from any app, the design workflows with their API are managed for advanced call control.

Additionally, it provides a two-factor authentication service that strengthens the traditional login for websites through their software delivery and licensing in which their software is accessed online via a subscription, rather than bought and installed on individual computers and mobile applications.

Twilio allows the business to measure your communication or marketing message effectiveness through their tracking system and can match inbound calls to your campaigns thereby seeing the benefit of advertising spend based on performance.


Value for Money

Twilio has a flexible set of pricing options based on a usage-based  ‘pay-as-you-go’ with discounts dependent on the volume of SMS distributed. For text messages, it charges 5.5 cents and to receive a text message the fee is less than one cent. This pricing is comparable to other bulk SMS providers. It tends to be similar in pricing for volumes of up to 100,000 plus and cheaper for under that volume number. However, for larger numbers of SMS distributed every month, Twilio charges more per SMS. Also, several other SMS providers do not charge for receiving text messages.  It does state on its website that its sales team are accessible to a discussion about discounts when the business is committed to usage.

Twilio Prices

What is relatively unique in Twilio’s pricing schedule by offering a range of prices depending on the type of service the business may wish to engage. For example, Programmable SMS starts at $0.0075 to send or receive a message; programmable voice starts at $0.0085 per minute, API for WhatsApp starts at $0.0042 to send a WhatsApp Template message and $0.005 for WhatsApp Session messages. See Twilio’s website for the complete range of pricing options.

Twilio provides free support, a free trial with the use of their API and the ability to scale up or down without contracts.


Reliability of Twilio as an SMS Gateway provider

Twilio is a well-known SMS gateway service with a solid track record of timely and reliable message delivery. To maintain high availability and message delivery rates despite network failures or disruptions, the company constructed its platform with redundancy and failover techniques. To make it easier for developers to incorporate Twilio’s services into their apps, the company offers a strong API, thorough documentation, and support materials.

It is stated on the Twilio website that they experience a 99.95% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is made possible with automated failover and zero maintenance windows. This uptime level is very comparable to similar other SMS gateway providers, which is very assuring. However, there is no mention of the latency aspect of how long it takes for a text message to be received by the end user once it has been sent off.

Overall, Twilio’s dependability as a provider of an SMS gateway has aided it in being a well-liked option for companies of all sizes wishing to employ SMS-based communication solutions.

Customer service and security of Twilio

It has some impressive clients such as Cisco, Airbnb and Netflix.

From security, confidentiality and privacy aspects, Twilio protects customers using their intuitive APIs designed to ensure security and avoid fraud. For example, it uses masked phone numbers to protect sensitive data while still allowing direct communication. It checks users’ registration data against phone number data such as line type, location, and caller name to avoid fraudulent activities.

Twilio is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and possesses ISO 27000 which provides a globally recognized framework for best-practice information security.

Its review rating is Bad with a Trust Pilot rating of 1.2 on 443 reviews.

About SMS Gateway Comparison Table

The SMS Comparison Tables and associated sites have been developed by a group of experts in the SMS industry who have seen the need for a simple, effective way to educate people and businesses about the different aspects of SMS providers so that they can make a good and proper judgment before engaging the services of an SMS gateway provider.

The authors do not longer work in the SMS field and therefore can display an independent review of the features, pricing, reliability and customer services of a range of reputable SMS companies.

When reviewing the comparison table and sites, please ensure that you do look at the provider’s websites as these companies can change their pricing schedule or features without notice. Should you see that the information provided on this site does not match that of the provider’s site, please let the authors know and changes will be made as soon as possible.

While the SMS Gateway Australia Comparison Table is free for the public to use, the authors wish to disclose that some affiliate relationships do exist. Such relationships do not impact the rates and fees users of the site will receive from these providers.

As the information comes from the provider’s website and not through an API feed, there is the risk data may become outdated without prior notice. As such, you should note below when the page was last updated. You should also check with the SMS gateway providers’ website account before signing up.

It is hoped that you will find this site both informative and beneficial to you.


Last updated on 27 January 2024

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