What software do I require for SMS distribution?

Since bulk SMS distribution means sending out a number of text messages at any one time to mobile phone users or through the Internet, one would think this requires software platforms in a complex manner. That is not the case for the client who instructs a bulk SMS provider to do the distribution on the client’s behalf.

Very little detail is required to use SMS software. What is only required is accessibility from a MAC or a PC, iPad or Tablet, or a smartphone.

These services offer a range of features such as bulk messaging, scheduling, personalization, and analytics. You can choose software based on your requirements and budget.

So what software is needed?

All the various gateway software packages are catered by the bulk SMS provider which is able to send and receive large volumes of text messages. The API software enables providers to add mobile phone numbers or emails as needed and these numbers can be easily managed by the provider. Most SMS software applications will upload a list or group of mobile phone numbers using a text file or a CSV file.

There are some systems that can automatically delete duplication or validate before sending a text message. With the type of features that these software systems possess, messages can be timed to specific times and dates so that any size volume of text messages can be delivered nationally or internationally via a direct telecommunication carrier such as Telstra, Optus or Vodafone or by a cheaper but less reliable hybrid international carrier.

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Most bulk SMS providers use certain standard application program interfaces with the acronym APIs that allows program developers to add SMS functionality into any program whether it be a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP), HTTP or Email.

For businesses that possess their own CRM software, the SMS API interface is an optimal way to proceed. It integrates really easily into the system meaning that companies can automatically send messages using the present software available. SMS APIs can be used when dealing with website languages in SDK in PHP.

What Bulk SMS Providers use such platforms?

There are a number of bulk SMS providers in Australia and overseas that use the interface platforms mentioned above. Some have more sophisticated technology than others but overall, what they offer will do the job of disseminating text messages quickly and effectively.

In the review of major providers, they all offer a Developer API with a Web SMS Platform using either direct or hybrid carriers. Some providers are able to distribute globally while others have only the capacity to send text messages locally.

Overall, the best bulk SMS provider reviewed was Australian ClickSend followed by another Australian company, SMS Global. The third in line was MessageBird which is an overseas company.

Advantages of using Bulk SMS provider

Rather than tediously texting mobile users and updating, maintaining and deleting their numbers on a regular basis, there are a number of reliable bulk SMS providers that can offer superior service with little sweat on your behalf. As stated above, as long as you have access to a mobile phone or a PC or an IPad/Tablet, then the rest of the distribution is done effectively and delivered within a matter of seconds or at the latest minutes.

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It has been shown that most mobile text messages are read within two minutes of receiving the message but more interestingly, 92% are read within 20 seconds of reaching the user. This is ideal for marketing, sales and communicating quickly in order to get your message across promptly. In fact, it has been shown that around two-thirds of consumers have made a purchase as a result of a mobile campaign.

There are bulk SMS plans to suit your need using all the functionalities of the provider at the lowest possible cost dependent on the volume of SMS distributed on a monthly basis. In most cases, the bulk SMS Provider does not insist on a contract and no minimum terms are required.

Some good reasons to use bulk SMS

The distribution of short text messages (SMS) is a very cheap and effective way to market or communicate a product or a service. Whether it is a small business or an SME or a large organisation, SMS drives sales and revenue, engages current customers and provides the opportunity to recruit new customers. In summary here are some reasons you might like to consider:

  1. Prompt and reliable delivery;
  2. Know that message will go to a specific person or a group;
  3. Receive notification within seconds;
  4. Affordable means of communication;
  5. Can personalize a message;
  6. Used for alerts, reminders, marketing and information.

What about the Security and Reliability of the bulk SMS software?

The security and reliability of bulk SMS software vary from vendor to vendor. Here are some general things to consider when evaluating the security and reliability of bulk SMS software:

  1. Data protection: Check if the software follows industry-standard encryption protocols to protect sensitive information, such as customer data and payment details.
  2. Compliance: Check if the software complies with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CAN-SPAM.
  3. Service level agreement (SLA): Check if the software provider has a documented SLA that guarantees a certain level of uptime and reliability.
  4. Technical support: Check if the software provider offers round-the-clock technical support in case of any issues.
  5. Track record: Check the vendor’s track record in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction.

It’s important to do your due diligence and carefully evaluate the security and reliability of bulk SMS software before making a decision.

Reviewing the major Bulk SMS providers in Australia, they all state they have strict data protection and a privacy policy. They all have an anti-SPAM policy and document that confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

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The review also showed that these bulk SMS providers offer an Uptime of at least 99% with some stating a 100% Uptime Guarantee or your money back. This means that the client can be assured that large volumes of text messages will be distributed when required to reach the user and this will happen within a period or either a few seconds or at the latest minutes of approving the content of the text message. With the sophisticated platforms that bulk SMS providers possess, this type of reassurance makes businesses really consider the use of this type of communication for large numbers of people.

About SMS Comparison Table of Bulk SMS Providers

The Comparison Table of reliable SMS providers has been prepared for you to use without any obligation. It is a free service as a result of the authors knowing full well the confusion when people, whether prospective or current clients, have to decide on using a bulk SMS provider or reviewing their present provider.

The authors were experts in the text messaging service business for a number of years before moving on to other areas. Therefore, as a legacy, they wanted to provide an easy, logical and neutral perspective of comparing the value of a number of significant players in the bulk SMS provider scene.

This SMS Comparison Table and site are provided free to assist you. Should there be any information provided that may be different from what is presented in the table or site, please let the authors know and the changes will be made as soon as possible.

Should you use the information provided and as a result, decide to engage one of the SMS companies covered, the author may request a commission from the provider but, please be assured, we will not ask you for any fee.


Information was updated on 2 February 2023.

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