SMS Central Gateway Overview

SMS Central is an Australian based text messaging service with headquarters in Melbourne. Its online SMS portal is designed to make it simple, fast and easy to send or receive SMS, just by logging into their SMS Central account, businesses and organisations can manage their SMS campaigns 24/7, anywhere in the world.

They offer a range of services including:

  • Scheduling, planning and sending SMS messages.
  • Using any web-enabled computer to send email to SMS
  • 99.95% delivery rate guaranteed
  • Unlimited contact groups that can be with personalised
  • Monitoring and tracking the status of SMS delivery
  • Free trial offer

Textit Website

SMS Central has a number of significant clients including companies such as Xero and MyGuestlist.  They offer services in areas such as software, retail, health & beauty and financial services.

SMS Central manages a variety of campaigns all year round. They have an online support centre with a 1 300 number that is available on an all-day basis. Our Gateway review showed them to provide a seamless integration of email software with almost any Australian gateway provider.

Suitability of SMS Central Gateway for Larger Organisations?

The independent review clearly shows great suitability and benefits for large organisations and businesses for marketing and communication campaigns using Campaign Wizard and can distribute messages using the functionality of Rapid SMS. They have the ability to divide a company’s database down into groups by stores, gender and location. This way one can send targeted SMS group offers with higher conversion and with such action set scheduled reports to be delivered automatically and filter them in infinite ways. These are usual requirements of large organisations.

On the other side, SMS Central does not disclose it charges with respect to volumes of text messages distributed. It does not provide a money-back guarantee for its service of delivering of messages, unlike some of the other SMS companies. For some large companies, this may be an issue. However, it states that it has a competitive matching policy.

As can be seen below, SMS Central gateway provider ranks fairly well against its gateway competitors.

Should SMEs Consider SMS Central Gateway?

It can be seen that SMS Central offers a coverage for small to medium sized organisations and provide their online format to make it easy for them to use and operate. It provides a simple, manageable platform, with an online support service all year round to ensure it meets all options available for implementation. However there is no live chat available. Their platform initiates a two-way communication process with the addition of a personalised message that can be delivered and usage receipts being available to the client.

Like what was reviewed for large organisations, there is no tabulation of charges for an SME to investigate and consider, whether it is small volumes of SMS per month to larger volumes on an ongoing basis. There is no transparency in charges so it is difficult to evaluate as to SMS Central charges for its range of services whether it be for marketing, promotions, customer notifications and so on. The only way is to contact the provider. So it does not cater for SMEs very well. 

It may be of relevance to SMEs that no detail is presented on unlimited credit validity or the provision of a money back reliability is mentioned. It does offer an excellent uptime guarantee of over 99% which is still very reassuring. Also, there is no detail on contracts, cancellation fees and discount availability.

From the above lack of details, SMS Central does not fare well among its other SMS gateway providers.

 What Customer Support Level Is Offered?

It provides online contact supported by other online communication vehicles such as social media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as seen by the online icons available at the bottom of front page of their website. This Gateway provider has its base in Melbourne but does not offer any live chat to enhance the communication between both parties. On a rating scale, SMS Central level of customer service support ranks in the middle compared to its competitors.

Reliability and Compliance

A reliability factor indicates that SMS Central does provide a Service Level Agreement with a 99.99% uptime guarantee to their infrastructure and services.  The review indicates that their reliability performance and customer satisfaction is considered highly by clients. They do provide reassurance of a reliable platform as they deal with a totally web based system that does not need any particular software that would crash a computer.

Their website does provide a thorough overview of their multiple features including their latest clients and types of services offered. There is a free trial of 10 SMS to test the service for first timers before signing up. This is considerably less than a number of its other gateway providers.

With respect to their Compliance requirements, SMS Central offers a range of sound SMS compliance requirements including coverage of Spam Act , Privacy Policy, and General Data Protection Regulation policy which are relatively simple to follow and user friendly. This detail is in an obvious position on the their website, the compliance issues for SMS Central match that offered by a number of its SMS provider competitors.

Online Reviews

As an Australian SMS gateway provider, SMS Central provides all year text messaging service with the assistance of an online support centre and an email contact address. There are no reviews on their website other than a Blog page. There are no reviews or published extract of reviews from client organisations.

Textit Website

A company’s reputation can be partly affected by the reviews it receives. However the fact that they have a number of clients indicates that they consider the gateway features offered to be valued indicating a positive impact on SMS Central’s reputation. However, considering no reviews were transparently evident, this had a direct bearing on its lower rating.

SMS Gateway Comparison Site

This SMS gateway comparison site analysis identifies services, features and products offered by SMS Central against a range of other comparable SMS gateway companies in Australia. SMS Comparison presents an independent assessment by authors who had worked in the text messaging services industry. This way, you as a client can make your own informed decision.

The review is only a guide only on the range of features, charges, reliability and customer support services offered. These features may change without any prior notification by the gateway provider.

This service is free to you, however, a commission may be requested if you access their site from this Comparison site and employ them. You can also compare SMS Central to Clicksend in our comparison table.

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