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This SMS gateway provider, SMS Solutions, began over a decade ago in Australia, by a group of technically minded people with sound knowledge of marketing and promotions, understanding what the customer wanted to do with the information provided.

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SMS Solutions provides:

  • Specific plans to suit the client’s needs.
  • Dependable SMS software that can be easily used.
  • Accessible from MAC/PC, iPad/Tablet or smartphone.
  • 27/4 support available.
  • No contracts.
  • No minimum terms.
  • Some valued clients come from the private and public sectors as well as non-profit organisations.

SMS Solutions Text Message Gateway Clients


View the full SMS Solutions review focusing on price, features, and customer service to other SMS Gateway providers below.

Pricing structure offered by SMS Solutions

SMS Solutions provides a pricing schedule to meet the needs of the client whether it is for distributing a small number of text messages to large volumes that need to be constantly sent, with the lowest possible cost plan offered. There is no contract and no minimum terms.

Like a number of their comparable gateway competitors, they offer four categories of pricing ranging from Basic to Starter to Business. For large-volume distribution, there is an Enterprise category. The prices vary depending on the volume that is being sent each month.  It should be stressed that it is based on a monthly distribution system.

When compared to some low-cost and reputable SMS gateway providers who display their range of pricing schedules, SMS Solutions’ charges are comparable to other competitors for large volumes but dearer for a lower volume of SMS distribution. For example, after the first purchase, on an ongoing basis, 500+ credits is 9c/sms; 5000+ credits bundle is 8c/sms; 25000+ credits bundle is 7c/sms; 50000+ credits bundle is 6c/sms; 100000+ credits bundle is 5c/sms.

There is the opportunity to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time and it is best to discuss this matter with customer support personnel. There is the availability of design a pricing package to suit your needs.

It should be noted that there are two levels of pricing depending on which carrier is used. Overseas telecommunication carriers (known as Hybrid) are cheaper than Australian ones (Premium).  You should add around 20 to 30% more if you use an Australian telecommunication carrier. The latter is more reliable and visible and better assurance that any critical message will be delivered as required.

All SMS Solutions have a reply number included in their published plan costs.

Features of SMS Solutions as a Gateway Provider

One of the main features of SMS Solutions is its claims that it can be able to send small volumes as well as large volumes of half a million text messages using its SMS software platform from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Its WebSMS allows anyone to use its easy-to-use web interface to send text messages straight away with no download required.

It states it has a highly efficient, enterprise-quality SMS gateway that can convert any website or application into a hosted SMS platform. This means that you can send and receive SMS through their gateway carrier system. However, there is no mention of their telecommunication carriers, whether they are Australian carriers or overseas ones (Tier 1 Premium or Hybrid). This would affect the time and reliability of transmission.  The SMS Solutions platform is currently configured at an outbound speed of approximately 5000 text messages per minute.

SMS Solutions have an SMS API platform that is flexible and allows the client to add SMS functionality to suit any requirements, whether it is for small and medium-sized organisations to large companies. Its API will allow sending out text messages automatically through a simple integration process. There is the capability to report on the status of the messages sent and received.

Other features that SMS Solutions offers include Email to SMS whereby text messages can be sent directly through the email system to as many people as required without special software.  Bulk SMS is available for those who deal with a large number of people for events, marketing campaigns or promotions. SMS Solutions service will be able to accommodate such volumes at any time. Auto-replies are also a feature where the client can request pre-defined replies from customers so that a response can be provided if required.


SMS Solutions Text Message Features
What support service does SMS Solutions provide?

SMS Solutions offers customer support services for present and potential clients. They stress that quick deployment and technical support are available should there be a glitch in the system. There is a 1 800 number that offers a 24/7 service which is better than many of their other competitors in the SMS gateway field.

There is either a Live Chat support option or via phone available on their website if there is a need for some technical assistance on the spot, unlike some other SMS gateway providers where there is only an online form to request assistance that could take a day or so to respond.

The site has a very good blog site that provides a range of valuable information about SMS that could be useful for new and present clients to understand more about the versatility of their service.

SMS Solutions works with a wide range of prominent clients across all sectors from small one-person businesses up to multi-level franchise businesses with hundreds of outlets whether it is government agencies, universities, corporations, and not-for-profit organisations. Some examples include ToyWorld, Autobarn, Flight Centre, McDonald’s, Mitre 10, Bakers Delight, Queensland Department of Health, Greenpeace and the Australian Red Cross. See their website for a fuller range of brands.

Reliability and Security of SMS Solutions

Reliability is a major issue for any enterprise to be assured that the message they want to be presented is delivered when required. It is a matter of timing, known as latency, and delivery, known as uptime, that are measurements of reliability. This is influenced by a decision as to which telecommunication carrier is to be used. A hybrid system of carriers from overseas may affect the timing of recipients receiving a text message. SMS Solutions does state that it has a reliability uptime guarantee of 99.99% which is very good. They have load balancers should there be high traffic volumes that need to be managed.

There is no evidence on the SMS Solutions website of any Service Level Agreements (SLA) to outline the reliability of its services.

This provider uses the world’s leading security data cloud-based storage facility. However, there is no evidence on their website of being a SPAM complaint and no policies and procedures on privacy and meeting General Data Protection Regulatory requirements.

Overall, SMS solutions can be a reliable and secure way to communicate with others, but it is important to take appropriate security measures and be aware of potential vulnerabilities.

About This Text Message Gateway Comparison Table and Site

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The feedback from prospective clients for a suitable SMS Gateway provider led the authors of this SMS Comparison Table and associated site to formulate an easy-to-use and understandable comparison of SMS gateway providers to make an informed decision.

The authors used their SMS expertise to develop this SMS Comparison Table with the best selective criteria that would be important for people to know about. As a result, this table and site are now available free of charge.

It should be known that the authors had worked in the SMS field for several years but are now working in different communication areas, therefore are independent of any SMS provider and therefore unbiased in their presentation of the critical areas that need to be considered before engaging a suitable text messaging gateway supplier. You will also note that there are no forms of advertisement on the Comparison Table or site.

While the SMS Gateway Australia Comparison Table is free for the public to use, the authors wish to disclose that some affiliate relationships do exist. Such relationships do not impact the rates and fees users of the site will receive from these providers.

As the information comes from the provider’s website and not through an API feed, there is the risk data may become outdated without prior notice. As such, you should note below when the page was last updated. You should also check with the SMS gateway providers’ website account before signing up.

The authors hope you gain sufficient knowledge to make a good business decision.


Updated on 25 January 2024


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