Summary Of Telstra SMS Distributor (SMS Access Manager)

SMS Access Manager enables customers to use their own SMS-capable application to send and receive large volumes of messages almost instantly. It is a highly reliable direct connection to the Telstra Next G® network, as well as other domestic and international mobile networks. It offers a range of key features such as ease and speed, high throughput levels, two-way messaging capability, delivery reporting and an enhanced level of security.

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About Telstra SMS available for businesses and organisations

Telstra, a prominent telecommunications company in Australia, offers SMS services tailored for businesses. Their SMS solution, known as SMS Access Manager, allows businesses to send and receive large volumes of messages almost instantly.

This service is highly reliable, utilizing a direct connection to the Telstra Next G network as well as other domestic and international mobile networks. Telstra provides customizable options, including wireless, dial-up, and short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) access. Their service is geared towards ensuring efficient, secure, and fast communication for a variety of business needs, supported by competitive volume-based pricing.

Telstra SMS Pricing Review

When it comes to the price of distributing an SMS through Telstra Access Manager operations, it is the most expensive way of sending out a text message to mobile end users.

It does not compare well with cheaper SMS distributors such as ClickSend and Chatti. Comparing the difference in pricing is around five (5) times more expensive to send an SMS through the Telstra Access Manager system. There is mention of a discounted cost per SMS text message if there is a commitment to a higher minimum volume of messaging, but no details are specified.

Monthly SMS Volume
6.90 6.50 5.90 5.50
7.00 6.50 6.00 5.50
6.50 6.00 5.00 5.50
6.60 6.60 6.60 6.60
7.00 7.00 7.00 7.00
5.60 5.40 5.40 5.40
7.90 7.90 7.90 7.90
8.50 8.00 7.60 7.00
8.20 7.50 7.00 7.00
11.90 8.00 8.00 8.00
9.80 9.60 8.60 8.20
4.90 4.57 4.45 4.33
25.00 21.00 20.00 19.00

Updated on 30-04-2024. Currency is in AUD $

Telstra SMS Pricing

There is no mention of setup fees, monthly fees, and contracts with any offer of postpaid plans where Telstra will invoice at the end of the month. There is no mention of a price-beat guarantee which claims that they will beat any competitor’s price based on similar services.

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Telstra’s SMS Marketing And Software Review

Telstra has the software tools to assist the client in offering their customers marketing opportunities whether it is specials and discounted pricing for goods or services. This can be accomplished within a period of a few seconds of distribution. This provider has a robust platform allowing the client to access mobiles across Australia for fast mass distribution.

SMS Access Manager only requires internet access and uses two protocol specifications, giving a direct connection to Telstra’s Mobile SMS network and access to other domestic and international networks, with some limitations that may apply.

The Dial-up Access Manager is an SMS messaging service that allows equipment plugged into a Telstra telephone land or fixed line to send SMS messages.

Since November 2011, Telstra has made some changes to its Dial-Up Access Manager platform. The platform enables the automated sending of text messages via a modem interface and is typically used for applications such as security and IT alarms, personal alerts and industrial applications.




Reliability, Compliance and Security

About the reliability of the distribution of text messages to the end users, there is no mention that they claim they can deliver a reliable 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement or any mention of a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is evident with some other SMS providers. However, it uses its Tier 1 telecommunication carrier and other international carriers that are very reliable and efficient ensuring prompt distribution with instant message delivery.

Telstra SMS Access Manager is very specific about their security and privacy statements explaining how they collect, store, use and share personal information. It also incorporates its Credit Reporting Policy which lets the businesses know how they use any credit-related information they might collect.


Businesses or customers are not permitted to use Telstra Mobile SMS/MMS Access Manager to send marketing messages (which are messages designed to promote the sale of or demand for goods or services) unless they comply with the Spam Act 2003, ACIF’s Guidelines for SMS and other applicable laws.

Customer Service Level

This SMS distributor has a range of ways to communicate with interested parties either as first-timers or as continual clients. Using 1300 Telstra (1300 835 787) or, there is the availability of a request for a callback where one of their solutions experts will get back to you or find a customer contact expert who will get in touch with the right expert for you.

There is no record of reviews received and recorded by reliable Trustpilot site to be noted.


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Telstra SMS Access Manager key features

  • Ease and speed – it is quicker and simpler to generate
    and send SMS text messages using SMS Access.
    • High throughput levels – enables efficient
    transmission of high volumes of SMS text messages.
    • Enhanced level of security afforded by the SMPP
    protocol and level of access granted to Telstra’s
    Mobile SMS network.
    • Discount on the cost of sending SMS text messages,
    on increased volume.
    • Delivery reporting – keep track of message status
    with SMS Access Manager’s delivery report function.
    • Two-way messaging capability- send and receive SMS
    text messages across all Telstra networks and other
    domestic networks.

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Who Is Telstra SMS, Access Manager?

Telstra SMS Access Manager provides a carrier-grade access medium to Telstra’s mobile network and messaging gateways. It is a highly reliable direct connection to the Telstra Next G® network, as well as other domestic and international mobile networks.

This SMS distributor can facilitate the rapid, reliable sending and receive of large volumes of SMS messages using a PC or specific SMS application.

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