What software is needed for sending SMS?

The type of software that is important for any SMS gateway needs to come from the SMS provider rather than from you. All you need to be able to have, in terms of technology for your information to be sent out via a text message is accessibility to the web from a computer, whether it be a MAC or a PC or a mobile phone or iPad or a Tablet. The gateway software that the SMS provider possesses will be able to process easily as your instruction the infrastructure and platforms available will be able to convert your message into an SMS format that can be easily sent at any one time.

Use of SMS gateway software

The gateway software developed by SMS gateway providers will cater for the distribution of small, medium and large numbers of text messages at any one time. Most software will allow you to add or subtract mobile phone numbers and these can be managed by the provider. They can upload a list or a group of numbers using a text file or a CSV file. Some of the systems can automatically delete numbers that have been duplicated or can validate the numbers before distribution. Having the right software features and systems in place, SMS can be allocated specific times and dates to distribution, whether on a national or international basis. This is carried out by either the use of a direct or premium telecommunication carrier such as Telstra, Optus or Vodafone or by means of a hybrid or grey carrier which usually uses national and international carrier system.

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Type of SMS gateway software

There are numerous types of standard application program interfaces, known in short as APIs, which will allow developers to add text messaging functionality into their programs. Some of the common ones are File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP), HTTP or Email.

A business that has its own CRM software will make the provider’s API the best way to proceed. What it does easily is that it integrates into their system allowing businesses to automatically send SMS using their present software. Text messaging APIs are used in translating the website language into SDK in PHP.

What are SMS Gateway software advantages for your business?

What has been found is that reliable and good SMS gateway software will allow SMS to indirectly drive sales and revenues, interact with customers and employees quickly as well as assist in recruiting new customers. It will ensure that your message, whether it is a marketing or communication tool to be read quickly. In general, it is stated that over 90% of SMS sent to a mobile phone will be read within 2 minutes of receiving the message.

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In summary some of the advantages services that use an SMS gateway platform effectively cover:

  • Sending SMS from the internet using a SMS gateway provider is far cheaper than sending on a mobile phone;
  • Replies to a text message are received on a mobile phone;
  • Useful for reminders and appointments.
  • Send large volume SMS out at a pre-determined time and date or at regular intervals;
  • Personally address multiple recipients
  • Set up SMS templates that can be used regularly; and
  • SMS gateway API developer is able to access via provider’s API connectivity options to send either large number or individual SMS.

SMS gateway software security

There is always the issue and concern of security of the gateway software system from the perspective of the client sending out information to private mobile phones. Reviewing a number of reputable SMS providers in Australia, they have emphasised that they follow strict data protection policies and comply with confidentiality and privacy requirements. They have an anti-SPAM policy and state that confidentiality is of paramount importance to them.

SMS gateway software reliability

When reviewing a number of reputable SMS gateway software providers, the reliability of the software was considered to be extremely important. It is one thing to say their software is reliable; it is another matter to prove such gateway reliability.

The review indicated that the providers presented an Uptime SLA or a 100% money-back guarantee. Most providers claim at least 99% reliability with moist around 99.95% uptime reliability, and that’s very good. This means that the business can have a good assurance that whether it sends small, medium or large numbers of SMS at any one time, most if not all, will be sent when required to the user within a period of a few seconds or the latest minutes of approving the content of the text messaging service.

With sophisticated and well-managed SMS gateway software developed by providers, it makes businesses sense to use this type of prompt communication to either small or large parts of the mobile phone population.

As can be observed from the graph the range of reliability factors provide an overview of which SMS gateway companies do offer a good service.

SMS Gateway software support

From a reputation and customer service perspective, SMS Global and ClickSend was regarded as the one with the most reputable SMS gateway software providers as indicated by the graph demonstrated below. It was able to offer reliable distribution of text messages from a PC or web browser through their gateway IT platforms which included Outlook Mobile Service., Email to SMS, Bulk SMS, and Online SMS.  It is able to offer a competitive price per SMS and is able to match other providers’ fee structure as well as guarantee supportive customer service.

This graph shows that other SMS gateway providers also have state-of-the-art gateway platforms technology that is well supported by qualified technical support services. The advantage of having a 24/7 or business hours call centre or an Australian centre means access to the client who may need assistance or advice at any time.



About SMS Gateway Site and associated Comparison Table

When endeavouring to select the best valued and best reliable gateway provider, it can become a daunting task. There are so many features, so many platforms and different cost structures that it is difficult to compare. That’s why this site and associated SMS comparison table was developed. It is available free of charge to help you better understand and compare what each provider has to offer.

The information presented is as current as it can be at this point in time. With SMS providers changing their fee and service structure, it is important that you visit their site to make sure you have the most current details available from the SMS provider.  If you notice any difference between what is presented on this site and the provider’s site, please let the authors know so that changes can be made as soon as possible.

It is hoped that both the comparison tables and sites will assist you in determining the best-valued SMS provider for your needs.

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