Textit as a SMS Gateway Provider

A comparison of different attributes of Textit is reviewed and compared with other Australian SMS gateway providers.

The review indicates that Textit has a lower rating on features covering reliability, reputation and customer service.

Textit SMS Gateway Overview

As a relatively small SMS provider, the Textit SMS Gateway solution has focused on the ease of using a combined with enhanced number of SMS features. Some key elements they provide small to medium organisations include:

  • Easy to use summary panel including the most recent 25 messages sent & received
  • No need to install installation with all systems web-based
  • A full delivery service indicating when messages are received
  • The ability to make rules to make personalised text messages on mass
  • Advanced marketing options including polls, surveys and questionnaires

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Textit SMS Gateway Solution

Unlike many other providers, there are no clients examples provided of using Textit SMS gateway network system. There is no physical office provided and no guarantees provided unlike more other text message providers. Based on this reputation score compared to other SMS gateway providers it was rated lower as shown below.

Suitability of SMS Textit For Large Organisations?

For many larger Australian organisations they have unique requirements when determining the right SMS gateway provider. Reliability is the main one with the need to ensure messages are delivered quickly, securely and through compliance networks. Textit doesn’t advertise any up-time guarantee, explain their infrastructure capacity or what Australian advertising standards they meet.

One of the most important factors in deciding to engage a gateway provider like Textit is price range related to high SMS volumes and the requirements to be tailored in pricing to make text messaging affordable. Their cost structure although flat has a minimum charge of 10c (ex GST) for each text message after a volume of 50,000 messages for each month.

Overall, Textit doesn’t target large Australian firms with their advertising and based on their product offering it’s easy to understand why. Our text message gateway table should be reviewed if you’re looking for such a provider for your larger organisation.

Textit SMS Gateway Prices

Should SME’s Consider Textit?

Australian small to medium sized company need an SMS gateway that is easy to manage. This is where Textit excels with an easy to use platform, a support number and even a managed services option where they do all configurations for you. Their platform promotes a two-way communication process and the availability of an address book which can allow personalised messages to be sent and where the recipient can also respond.

SMS charges appear transparent and cater for those looking for relatively small quantities each month. All providers (minus Textit Live) cost $50 per month with a virtual mobile number (single-use) included. The Textit SMS Gateway costs are higher than other SME specialist firms.

There is a support number 1300 839 848 that focuses on providing SMEs with support and unlimited training to help setup SMS services. A basic Anti-Spam standards us evident in the system with an autoOptOut functionality available to all senders.

Additionally, there are a number of additional gateway services including poll, multiple choice and free form delivery.

textit text message products

Overall, Textit targets SMEs who should short-list the provider. The concerns are their prices, support and infrastructure which should be investigated first and compared to other providers before signing up online.

What Support Level Is Offered?

When dealing with SMS providers, one of the questions asked is its customer service. In the case of Textit, it does provide a provide personal assistance you require – at any time – by calling 1300 TEXTIT (839848) or email so you can discuss  with someone who will help. They claim that their support is unlimited.  There is no web chat or evidence of Textit providing a call centre or a physical office to support a customer service other than a phone number or email address, which states that it is open all the time.

Reliability and Compliance

What service levels does Textit offer? What are some others?

In terms of reliability, Textit has no server up-time details which means that there is no reference to any uptime guarantees of 99 to 100%.  There is no service level agreement  that furnishes the services of the network service provider with a customer within a given time period. Therefore there is no evidence provided on how the service level is measured as a percentage of incoming calls that Textit answers live in an established amount of time.

Additionally, Textit does not offer other features like direct API, forwarding or merging emails, and Outlook SMS. All these factors can influence the reliability of this provider. Therefore the rating is low compared to other gateway providers.

With regard to compliance requirements, Textit sets out in its website a number of compliance issues that both parties need to abide by. They include details on the privacy policy of non disclosure and restriction of information to outside parties. The detail is extensive and covers hosting and data security compliance, data transfer to and from Textit as well as terms and service conditions. You need to dig deep to find the compliance requirements in their website but once found, it is clear and easy to read.

Online Reviews

The final criterion that was investigated between all 10 SMS gateway providers was the online reviews about these companies. There were few short statements by some companies about the service of Textit but no detailed reviews of a range of clients or customers to make any form of judgement. No list of present clients is posted on the Textit website.

The independent review carried out found that both Textit SMS reputation rated relatively low as compared to its competitors in the SMS gateway arena. This should raise some concern to potential clients and they would need to investigate this provider in more detail. Out of the all the gateway providers looked at, Textit was considered to have the second lowest ranking in this category.

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About This SMS Gateway Comparison 

The authors, who have worked in the SMS Gateway area for a number of years, but no longer do so, appreciate the difficulty when one has to compare SMS providers’ features and services in Australia. With so many SMS providers around pricing, it is not the only issue and you need to compare the different features and services available. This comparison site is your opportunity to independently assess your needs and requirements prior to engaging a SMS Gateway provider of your preferred choice.

The data collected and analysed from each website has been obtained manually and may alter without prior warning, so check prices and features. If by chance you do find any information which may be not correct or you consider requires updating it would be appreciated if you could let the owners of this site know. Any alteration will then be made immediately.

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