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Summary Of Trumpia

Trumpia is an SMS company offering five key services:

  1. Bulk SMS including landline texting.
  2. SMS Gateway and API messaging.
  3. Collect contacts including QR codes.
  4. SMS marketing and surveys.
  5. Smart targeting and private branding if required.

Trumpia offers the leading text and SMS software with mass texting capabilities and API integration. By using a bulk SMS provider, like Trumpia, SMS will improve your business marketing and communication strategy.

💻 Demo Account: 100 SMS Free
🏢 Head Office USA
📅 Founded 2006
⭐ Reviews (Trust Pilot): 2.8 – 12 Reviews (Poor)
↔ Up-time SLA:  No mention
🖥 Messages Per Minute 4,800
📡 Security: 256-bit SSL
💰 Price Match Guarantee No mention
📊 Fixed Number:  Yes, Free

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Trumpia Pricing

The pricing schedule presented on their website provides you with different named plans dependent on the number of SMS you wish to send out each month. There is a ‘ready-reckoner’ that will allow you to place the estimated number of text messages you will be sending out and it will automatically work out your initial costs and the benefits and features associated with the plan.

If you further investigate the pricing schedule, there is an extensive range of charges per month for one user to many users, the number of SMS credits, keywords and the number of email messages that are available per month. It provides minimal or basic core features and online support for low numbers but equally provides you with sending out millions of SMS credits with a full and detailed complement of features and support systems.

Take, for example, it outlines the pricing schedule below 5 million per month at a charge of US$0.0055 SMS, US$0.025 MMS and email US$0.00063, all covering inbound and outbound. With large distribution numbers, you would need to contact the bulk SMS distributor to negotiate a price.

Please note there is a surcharge added for MMS and emails, which will make the end price higher. On top of these charges, you will need to consider the average telecommunication surcharge which will be dependent on a premier local carrier or a cheaper hybrid carrier derived from other overseas carriers. There are other charges for the use of more keywords, and short and long codes.

ClickSend SMS Website

Trumpia API Reliability

Trumpia’s reliability is based on its powerful database management and CRM integration through its sophisticated and functional API system. Its API service supports shortcodes and the new advanced toll-free option. With Trumpia API, you can send up to 150 messages per second through a toll-free number (that’s 50 times the speed of 3 messages per second that a typical competitor can offer). API is compliance-based.

The API system not only provides mass texting, but it also features two-way communication where you can send and receive SMS, MMS and email messages. This can be done through templates that allow for sending from phone or landline texting. Its versatility allows you to decide what is best for your business from a response rate perspective.

The software is intuitive and easy to learn as a startup. You do not need much background in SMS automation to be able to implement the system. There is no requirement to write or translate a code to create lists or add and update contacts or unsubscribe them, this is done through their API system. It is a matter of providing the content of the SMS to Trumpia, and the rest is done within a period.

Nowhere on the website does it state the reliability or latency of SMS distribution. It just emphasizes the different tools that can be offered through means of the workflow of their cloud services like Auto Campaign and Smart Targeting. Trumpia API service supports shortcodes and a toll-free option. The latter costs much less to run and both provide high throughput and both work with their programmer tools.

Trumpia states that if you do not have a house programmer or simply cannot devote the resources to develop such systems, it offers its custom development team to assist you through the whole process.


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Trumpia SMS Marketing Features

Trumpia has a wide variety of user-friendly tools that support interactive marketing to provide new ways to engage customers or consumers. Its features cover smart targeting to individuals and groups; engagement tools to make the end-user feel they are personally contacted; private branding to make you stand out and consulting tools to assist in your marketing focus.

They range from sending automated messages to your subscribers or customers such as incentives, replies, appointment and specials reminders, and SMS coupons to redeem goods or services. It also can conduct SMS surveys with multiple questions that both subscribers and non-subscribers can engage with via SMS.

An additional feature that Trumpia offers is text-to-screen where you make your audience feel like they are part of your event. This texting software feature lets you text a special mobile keyword and the message is shared on a large screen.

Trumpia has the analytical metric tools to see what worked and what did not work in your marketing and communication campaign. This way the analytics ensure you get the best return on investment out of your mass SMS campaigns.

It can provide comprehensive reports on your performance. It can automatically remove or block contacts when the end-user text “Stop’, clicks an unsubscribe link at the end of an email or responds to calls to unsubscribe. Their website, which can lead to the LinkedIn network,  has a comprehensive list of features for you to consider.


ClickSend SMS Website

Customer Service For Australian Businesses

Trumpia has a phone number or text number with a support team and specifies that is available only during business hours and not a 24/7 availability service. They do offer customer satisfaction software that gathers customer reviews and comments across a wide range of social media sites.

For large enterprises, there would be an account manager to provide a support team.  Small businesses would still have customer support. This would assist clients to gain a better insight into the buying and social behaviour of customers or the general public at large.

They state they are compliant with the Anti-spam policy and follow the US federal law regulating promotions and messaging by phone (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) but no mention of general data protection regulations from security, privacy and confidentiality aspects other than to say they have a privacy policy.

It has a ‘Watch Intro’ and ‘Watch Demo’ but one has to provide all the details to be able to access these videos. Offering a generous free trial of 100 SMS is better than many other bulk SMS providers.


Our Conclusion On Trumpia

Trumpia provides automated SMS software designed for bulk SMS messages, smart targeting, business text messaging software, and mobile marketing solutions, with specialities in email marketing and marketing automation. It has a significant list of large enterprises, small businesses to non-profit organisations.

It has a wide variety of features framed with ease of use to assist the user in reaching out to their consumers or customers to promote or sell products and services on a massive scale. They can distribute small or large volumes of SMS per second to a wide reach of users. They claim they can send millions of SMS at the right time.

However there is no mention of a specific response rate or up-time reliability, there is no service level agreement (SLA) to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed, and there are no latency mentions as to how long and when the text messages will reach the end-users.

Even though the website is easy to manage, the customer service aspect is limited to a phone and email contact point with no reassurance that it will respond to your inquiries. Some users have criticized its customer service and high pricing compared to competitors.

Finally, Trumpia is USA-focused and has no mention of providing its service outside its own country.

Latest update on 25 January 2024

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