ClickSend as a provider of SMS Gateway Solutions

The ClickSend Gateway is well positioned towards medium-sized and large Australian businesses with a great range of innovative, well priced SMS solutions.

View our ClickSend review about its value, features, reliability and reputation as a major SMS Gateway player.

Who Is ClickSend?

ClickSend is a leading Australian SMS gateway provider who offers a wide range of text messaging services in the communication and marketing arena for Australian and overseas businesses. This reputable gateway provider offers online SMS in a seamless integration way from any web enabled computer with no set up or software requirements needed. Sending text messages to customers, individuals or organisations has been made simple by ClickSend’s powerful and flexible set of SMS API’s software and sound network systems.

ClickSend SMS Website

This SMS provider has the ability to add bulk marketing opportunities to their existing applications. Their SMS gateway API facilitates SMS integration which means its clients are easily able to communicate with their customers anytime when required. Its online SMS Gateway applications, Email to SMS system offer a comprehensive way for informing people quickly for staff rostering purposes, CRM, Sales Follow Ups, Reminder notices, IT alert systems, E-commerce systems, or consignment delivery notification.

Our ClickSend review found this provider offers a Microsoft outlook plugin allowing its clients to be able to send text messages using Microsoft Outlook through their ClickSend account.

The five key areas below show you why they were considered as a leading provider in our gateway comparison review.

ClickSend Reviews Of Products

About SMS Gateway solutions

SMS Gateway is a website system that allows one to distribute SMS text messages from a web browser direct to customers or clients within the cell served by that particular gateway. A text message gateway allows any computer to receive or distribute SMS transmissions through a range of network providers.

In the case of ClickSend, its popular HTTP to SMS gateway API has the ability to distribute bulk text messages over a range of different mobile telecommunication carrier  networks, such as Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodafone. The SMS integration is made simple by its SMS gateway API with a range of downloadable sample codes available to assure its compatibility with the business or organisation systems.

A SMS gateway needs reliability for those who require:

  • Time sensitive text messages
  • Text message alerts
  • Private text messages where security and confidentiality are critical
  • The need for a customer to reply (2-way) to the text message
  • Customers to be reminded about an upcoming appointment or an alert

ClickSend Offers Strong SMS Gateway Features 

Derived from the SMS Australia Gateway Comparison Table,  it can be seen that ClickSend has a significant range of powerful features beyond the basic email to SMS service. It extends to facilities like the ability to post onto Facebook or Twitter, additional platforms to remind, alert or notify customers to your communication needs. Sales, ordering and delivery, event management and birthday marketing are some other solutions that improve your dealings with customers or staff.

Additionally, the provision of an MMS capability, where photos and videos can be sent instead of texts and be reached quickly and effectively through the smartphones. This can be used to send important messages in any format to either an individual contact or multiple company or group contracts. SMS reply options are provided which cover sending out replies in the form of emails with return addresses if requested, to sending responses to a mobile, providing a customized and personal service.

If that not sufficient, ClickSend has the system in place to offer text to speech facility whereby voice call can be used as a substitute for a text message. The text message is converted into voice-calls via an SMS gateway facility. This can reach then any mobile or landline in various languages and voices.

ClickSend Voice

A free 50 SMS trial is available after an individual signs up and logs in for the first time. A pop-up screen shows up initially and will invite you to chat online abut the services and offers that area available based on your requirements.

For noteworthy clients, ClickSend delivers a powerful web-based email to SMS services including MMS capabilities and simple text messages. ClickSend is regarded as a very professional service. The provider also has SMS reply features including e-mail to SMS replies, the ability to send replies to a website, computer or block replies.

ClickSend Offer Good Value

The ClickSend review that focused on SMS Gateway Australia providers indicate that their charges are very comparable and in many cases cheaper than their equivalent competitors. The table below highlights charges in which their competitors are from 2% to 40% more expensive dependent on the volume of text messages distributed each month. It states “We will beat any quote”, which very few other providers openly state in the promotions of their company.

ClickSend does not charge:

  • a setup fee,
  • no monthly fee,
  • fixed number,
  • for delivery reports and
  • there is no contractual arrangements required.

There is a $19 fee each month for having a dedicated number. A number of competitors offer this for free. You will need to agree on either monthly or pre-payment options. A flexible prepaid and postpaid payment is available. Another positive feature is that no credit expiry occurs unlike a number of its competitors.

ClickSend does offer a Premium (or known as Direct) carrier through reputable Australian telecommunication companies but not the cheaper hybrid carrier option which uses different overseas telecommunication carriers to get a message across. The premier carrier is a more reliable form of transmission but at a higher cost which is absorbed into the final charge per text message. It ensures a guaranteed delivery with this Tier 1 network.

Reputation of ClickSend as a Gateway provider

The review indicates that ClickSend is very transparent at all times and open to discussion as indicated by their 1800 number, 24/7 email support, Facebook and other social media platforms and the ability to get in touch with them via Skype. An international number is highlighted within their website for overseas clients.

Having significant business customers such as HP, Citrix, Siemens, AVG, pwc and New York University are indicative of their reputable standing among these successful clients. Its global coverage ranges from Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe and Africa.

ClickSend has ensured customers and clients that they possess the platform ‘military-grade’ security, anti-Spam and general data protection compliance to ensure safeguarding to all concerned.

With a range to features, our SMS Gateway Comparison review found ClickSend to be a most reputable and worthy of serious consideration and therefore were rated highly among their peers. Their online reviews vary by review website with the Trust Pilot reviews shown below.

Clicksend reviews 2018

Reliability of ClickSend as a Gateway provider

ClickSend is a Perth-based SMS gateway supplier and there may be a time difference but it assures all its present clients and prospective customers that it offers all day and night service. Impressive is their point that their reliability can be measured by its reassurance that it provides a 100% Uptime Service level Agreement (SLA) guarantee and offers a money back guarantee. This is one of the few SMS providers that can confidently state these offers.

Their high performance is indicated by the distribution of 4800 messages per minute with a guaranteed delivery with Tier 1 networks. ClickSend has the API capability of determining the exact GPS co-ordinates of an end user by sending an SMS or an email which means that your customer location can be reached within seconds.

Larger Australian businesses can utilize web-based e-mail to SMS gateways through API feeds. This applies to MMS with the providers capabilities exceeding just simple texts.

ClickSend SMS Website


About This SMS Gateway Comparison Table 

A SMS Gateway Australia Comparison Table was formulated to compare features and services offered by the range of reputable SMS Gateway providers. This was independently developed by a group of SMS specialists who do not work in the SMS field anymore but felt they needed to let people know what SMS companies provided.

The information is presented in a simple, easy to follow way outlining key selection criteria that companies need to know about.

While the SMS Gateway Australia Comparison Table is free for the public to use, the authors wish to disclose that some affiliate relationships do exist. Such relationships do not impact the rates and fees users of the site will receive from these providers.

As the information comes from the providers website and not through an API feed, there is the risk data may become out-dated without prior notice. As such, you should note below when the page was last updated. You should also check with the SMS gateway providers site before singing-up.


Updated on 10 January 2020

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