The Value of SMS Marketing

Over the past few years, there has been a markedly increase in marketing particularly through the use of SMS (Short Message Service) via mobile phones. Businesses have realised that collecting mobile phone numbers and sending messages about their product or services has had a significant increase in awareness and improved sales and revenue. On average, an SMS message is read by mobile phone users within a short period of around four minutes, making them highly attractive. Sms Marketing Competition 2 SMS Marketing has now become a legitimate and accepted form of advertising medium unlike emails over the internet that is easily deleted without even reading the content. In Europe, for example, SMS has become the most popular form of the mobile marketing industry with many 100 million advertising SMS distributed every month. Brands have now adopted the mobile short message (shortcode) and through individual dedicated phone numbers as a mobile domain name allowing the mobile users to text message the brand at an event, or in a shop and from traditional media avenues.

One of the consequences of the SMS marketing strategy is to encourage people to read text messages through the use of competitions and loyalty programs.

The value of SMS Competitions

Using SMS as a form of offering people to enter competitions through their mobile phones means that companies can build brand loyalty and equity as well as drive sales. Through the building of brand loyalty and enhancing the interest of the consumer with the businesses products and services, one can gather details to form a solid database of customers and form the relationship over a long period to gain acceptance of the business.

An SM competition makes it simple and easy for the present and potential; future consumers to participate. An SMS entry can be done by either texting to a short keyword, or as a landing page that gathers data. Also the ability to be interactive means that competitions are more effective.

SMS competition has many values for a business to consider such as:

  • Maintain and increase consumers interest and consequently retention
  • Awareness of the recognition of the brand and its value
  • Attract new customers that are vulnerable to brand switching
  • Through updates, new releases, special deals, loyalty will mean an increase in sales

All of the above will encourage and motivate consumers’ responses. Because campaigns are time restrictive as are competitions, this will promote consumers to act quickly.

Who are good with SMS competitions?

A range of SMS Marketing providers do offer competitions as a good form of promotions and information about a campaign. Competitions can be in the form of polls, special offers, promotional material, giveaways and prizes.  These providers have platforms that are fully automated and receive replies to competitions that are easily able to be tracked and analysed to provide an immediate evaluation of its effectiveness. Sms Marketing Competition 1

With the SMS service, ClickSend is one of the most effective providers in this area of SMS marketing. It has the API technology, the proper gateway and ideal features and customer service to cater for the client who wishes to offer completion as a form of marketing their product or service.

  • Value for Dollar spent on SMS marketing competition

In the review of numerous SMS Marketing providers, one of the critical factors from a client’s perspective is the cost of distribution. It was seen that ClickSend offers the cheapest rates for its SMS services every month.

The dissemination of text messages in terms of volume may be small, medium-sized or large in numbers, the rates are very comparable. Take the example of small numbers to messages to customers every month, ClickSend like directs MS and SMS Broadcast offers a samara rate. However when the volume of text messages sent increases to over 10,000 then ClickSend and SMS Broadcast are the only ones that offer a lower rate per SMS. But when the volumes are significant, then ClickSend is the cheapest provider.

ClickSend has no monthly fees or recurrent fees for dedicated numbers and incoming SMS are free. It has no contract, no setup fees or charges, and no expiry date for SMS credits.

  • Features of SMS Marketers from a Competition distribution perspective

A number of the SMS Marketers in Australia do have several valuable and effective features in terms of Keyword response, gateway providers and computer to mobile (Two way) features.

Based on the review of several SMS Marketers and the ones that appeared the best value that is displayed in this comparison site, TextIt is considered to provide a best-valued range of features of the five major providers analyses. It offered the above-mentioned features that a marketer could be assured that a competition or a poll or a special offer could be organised and sent out best.

  • Reliability of Competitions being sent out by SMS Marketing providers

Reliability is a key issue and one that needs the reassurance of the client. Overall the companies investigated and rated highly are the ones that offer a very reliable SLA uptime guarantee and good customer service support on an ongoing basis.

It was seen that ClickSend offers the best value as it has an 1800 number and one can get in contact by Skype if required. Their 24/7 email customer service and international telephone number makes them accessible within Australia and overseas. Added to such service is their MMS capability which means that photos and videos in the text can be sent out as part of the competition campaign to a customer or someone on the database to the smartphone. Sms Marketing Competition 3

With the wide opportunity to contact people interested in competitions or polling, by sending marketing information online to a single contact, multiple contacts or a group of contacts is another feature that is widely offered.

About SMS Comparison Site

The uniqueness of this SMS Comparison Table and Site is that it has been developed and prepared for everyone to use by experts in the SMS field. The authors realised that people required assistance in layperson language as to what features, reliability, reputation, customer service and value of money is offered to potential clients of SMS. The authors are now no longer in the SMS area and therefore can form independent views of the SMS Provider industry.

The Comparison Table and associated sites cover all the main features that you would need to know about engaging one of the SMS Marketing providers to promote and administer your competitions for marketing purposes. It needs to be emphasised that the information provided is sourced from the authors’ knowledge and experience of the providers and that these providers can change their features and services without prior warning. Therefore it is imporatnt6 that you look at their websites to ensure you are getting what you require. Should any of the information provided on this site be different, please let the authors know so that any rectification can be done as soon as possible.

The Comparison Table and site is free of charge to the reader with no obligations. However, should you decide from the site and Comparison table to engage one of these firms, then the authors will request a commission from that SMS provider.



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