WholesaleSMS Review For Cheap SMS Solutions

The best value as a cheap SMS provider was found to be WholesaleSMS. Its pricing is considered to be the best of its competitors.

WholesaleSMS offers a no frills service with a quick and reliable SMS text system in Australia.

WholesaleSMS provides best value

Comparing a number of reputable SMS providers in Australia, our analyses and evaluation of all the cheap SMS solutions websites that allow users to send SMS messages from a web browser to customers, clients and employees, the best value as a cheap SMS provider was found to be WholesaleSMS. This is shown in the Cheap SMS Provider Comparison Table.

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It provides full email client integration with no added software requirements. Purposed for smaller to larger volume distribution,  our WholesaleSMS review found they allow you to simply drop the mobile number of your contact using a simple Email to SMS format. If you are interested in returns sent from your customers, clients or employees, then WholesaleSMS allows you to view both your ‘sent’ and ‘received’ messages via your email system.

About Wholesale SMS

WholesaleSMS is an Australian company that began its business over a decade ago so it is well entrenched in the SMS provider arena. They build, develop and manage their own API and network to suit your business needs. They integrate with your own software using their powerful API. They have a Web SMS browser-based platform which means that all message operations are carried out in any browser connected device. There is no need for special software or training. Therefore, their simple, easy to use interface put no pressure on the client’s requirements.

WholesaleSMS provide SMS packages and ideal for sales notifications, gym membership reminders, billing reminders, appointments, or staff communications.

Why Is WholesaleSMS Value For Money?

They provide a no frills service so as to offer the lowest prices for sending out text messages. Therefore they claim to be the cheapest SMS provider in Australia.

By comparing a number of cheap SMS providers, it can be seen that WholesaleSMS charges are lower, whether it be small number of emails to large volumes of 100,000 plus. If a client or business buys in Bulk SMS they can save money. Included in the cost is 2 way SMS, delivery reporting, personalised SMS and long messaging.

WholesaleSMS presents in their website a pricing range dependent on volume od SMS distributed each month. It starts at 2 cents per SMS but then charges different prices after the first purchase.  It includes two-way SMS option at no extra prices as well as real-time message status and message personalisation.

It was found that it is cheaper on all counts  and therefore would involve less expense for the individual, company or organisation. This can be very beneficial when distribution on an on-going basis over a length of time. Smaller number of messages distributed will also be cheaper.

SMS Cheap Comparison Table price

Additionally, our WholesaleSMS review offers:

  • no setup fees
  • no monthly fees; and
  • no contracts
  • or ongoing fees which means that you are not bound by any agreement between WholesaleSMS and yourself or your company. This provides you with the flexibility of either maintaining the service provided or seeking an alternative, as there is no written or documentation containing any agreement.

WholesaleSMS offer a Price Match policy and a free trial of 25 free messages. .

WholesaleSMS offers more than a good price – quick and reliable delivery

From the Cheap SMS Comparison Table, you will get more than just a cheap price than the other SMS providers. You will also be provided with a quick and reliable SMS text system in Australia which will mean fast message delivery, which is nearly always a requirements of clients, customers or employees. Their SMS Gateway is equipped with high-speed connection with an average network uptime of 99.75%, through the use of  premier telecommunication carriers such as Telstra, with Optus and Vodafone networks serviced through various Australian aggregators.  This allows for speed and reliability to get the message to end point quickly and effectively. WholesaleSMS claim to have their average delivery time of under 12 seconds. Considering most SMS sent to mobiles are read within the first three minutes of delivery, this is a great communication tool for a business.

WholesaleSMS manages more than 7 million SMS messages through their gateway every week  all around Australia.

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Any Drawbacks?

WholesaleSMS is a relatively new player in the Australian market which may be a concern. However it is believed to be run by the owners of MessageMedia which is one of the country’s largest premium SMS providers. This company commenced in 2014 so no current clients are listed to date.

Another drawback of WholesaleSMS is that credits only last for twelve months. If you are looking for a package between 20,000 to 100,000 SMS texts distributed you may want to consider SMS Broadcast. Their rates for this range is cheaper than WholesaleSMS.  There is no credit expiry like that of WholesaleSMS. The only issue found with SMS Broadcast was that if you need a virtual number, there is a monthly charge.

There is a customer service 1 300 contact number and an email but little other details about assistance or blogs or tutorials to assist.

Conclusion about our WholesaleSMS Review

From our Wholesale SMS review through the Cheap SMS Comparison Table, the providers has these key advantages:

  • Cheap SMS rates for a range of message per month distribution;
  • Full integration with your email client;
  • Two-way communication ability to vie both ‘sent’ and ‘received’ messages;
  • Privacy and Anti-Spam policy;
  • No contracts or ongoing fees; and
  • Fast message delivery.

About Our Cheap SMS Comparison

A Cheap SMS Comparison Table was created to identify and compare the services and product range offered by Cheap SMS Providers in Australia. This information has been collated from reviewing the providers’ websites and producing in an easy to follow Cheap SMS Comparison tabulated format.

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The information provides a simplified, easily readable and schematic view of key criteria required in selecting a Cheap SMS Provider, such as message distribution costs, networks’ availability, composing online to single and bulk recipients, credit availability, service support and so on. However, it should be stressed the information on the comparison table should only be used as a guide as prices and features may be updated at any time from the SMS providers’ websites without prior notification.

This SMS Comparison table was constructed by people who had worked within the SMS sector and understand the difficulties faced comparing SMS Providers and their plans offers. These people do no work with any SMS Provider. If you find any information on the table or this website to be out-of-date or incorrect, please contact them and any changes will be made promptly.

The comparison table is provided for free and a commission may be given from a provider’s site if you click through their website and engage their services. There are no other forms of advertising on this site and the authors have made price and key features the elements that have led to the recommendations made on the site.


Latest update on 22 May 2018

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