Who Is Wholesale SMS (now Sinch Message Media)?

Wholesale SMS is now Sinch MessageMedia. With over 20 years of experience, multiple integrations and a vast array of features, Sinch MessageMedia is a global messaging provider that helps businesses of all sizes cut through the noise.

Evaluating the various reputable SMS gateway websites present in Australia, it was reviewed that Sinch MessageMedia (Wholesale SMS) is a substantive SMS gateway provider. It offers a good range of services about distributing and receiving text messages from email to SMS, whether they are forwarded to specific customers, clients or employees. This is done very effectively and efficiently through any reliable web browser without the need for particular software required by the client. Such features and services can be identified easily on our SMS Gateway Australia Comparison Table.

The Wholesale SMS review (noe=w Sinxh MessageMedia) found they provided:

  • Complete integration with mainstream email clients;
  • Two-way communication ability to vie both ‘sent’ and ‘received’ messages;
  • Melbourne-based customer service;
  • Full API documentation, such as codes in PHP, NET, Java & Ruby;
  • There are no setup fees, no monthly fees no contracts or ongoing fees; and
  • Quick gateway latency ensures fast message delivery.

Textit Website

Valued features offered by Sinch MessageMedia (Wholesale SMS) 

This SMS provider offers a full and seamless integration text messaging service allowing for an effective way to send any SMS from a computer without the functionality of any existing customer relationship management (CRM) system that manages a company’s interactions with current and future customers.

The service prides itself on a robust SMS software system with a 99.9% uptime capacity, ensuring high reliability. They offer high-speed connections, enabling the delivery of high volumes of text messages to target audiences quickly. Their features include the ability to create personalized contact lists online, send scheduled appointment notices and reminders, and the option to send long text messages (over 160 characters). Moreover, they provide delivery reports and are anti-SPAM compliant, with an SMS list cleaning service to reduce failed text message deliveries.

Bulk SMS and using Keywords are equally as effective as using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.  This is most effective when using text messages as an appointment reminder or as a payment reminder or for specific notifications like parcel pick-up.

Wholesalesms features

Their SMS gateway system is well equipped with a high-speed connection to its network suppliers, claiming that they can send an SMS with an average time of around 12 seconds from the start to the customer’s mobile. With a reading rate of SMS messages estimated to be around 92% with most text messages being read within three minutes of delivery,  one can appreciate the power of text messaging as a fabulous communication and marketing tool.

Based on the review done on Wholesale SMS, it was regarded has to provide a good range of features and services for prospective clients.

Reliability of WholesaleSMS (now Sinch MessageMedia)

This provider has a reputation for reliably and promptly delivering messages, and it offers a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees message delivery. It also provides a range of tools and features to ensure high-quality messaging, such as message prioritization, delivery reports, and message scheduling.

Sinch Message Media (WholesaleSMS) reliability, like any other SMS provider, depends on various factors such as network infrastructure, server capacity, message delivery systems, and the ability to handle traffic spikes.

The important matter of the Sinch MessageMedia (WholesaleSMS) gateway is that it is routed directly to Telstra, with Optus and Vodafone telecommunication networks available which means that this company can assure clients of maintaining a quick gateway service. As shown in this diagram, it is reliable in its uptime of 99.75%, the latency of delivery time of just under 12 seconds to reach the end user and the ability to distribute effectively in large numbers.

Reliable Text Message Gateway Statistics

However, it’s worth noting that no SMS provider can guarantee 100% message delivery, as there are factors beyond their control that can impact message delivery, such as network outages, carrier issues, or recipient device limitations. Additionally, wholesale SMS providers may not offer the same level of customer support or technical assistance as full-featured SMS gateway providers, which could affect message delivery reliability and troubleshooting.

It’s important to research and compare different providers and their pricing plans, features, and customer support before making a decision.

The reputation of Sinch MessageMedia (Wholesale SMS) among its competitors

From the review of comparable SMS Gateway features and services available in Australia, this Melbourne-based customer support service ranked fairly although its ranking on Trustpilot of 3,2 out of 2 reviews is not favourable.

Overall, Sinch MessageMedia generally holds a positive reputation in Australia based on user reviews and feedback. Users appreciate the platform’s ease of use, the ability to effectively communicate with customers, and its diverse features. Here are some key points from the reviews:

  1. Ease of Use: Many users find the platform easy to use and convenient for keeping in contact with their customers. The ability to create and share templates and create user accounts easily is often highlighted.
  2. Features: The platform offers features like detailed reporting, two-way text messaging, and the ability to respond to messages, which are highly valued by users. Some users have expressed a desire for more robust MMS capabilities and better reporting features.
  3. Customer Service: The customer service is frequently praised for being responsive and helpful. Issues raised by users are typically resolved quickly.
  4. Performance and Reliability: Users report that the platform delivers messages reliably. However, some users have experienced issues with message delivery and support responsiveness.
  5. Pricing: Opinions on pricing vary, with some users finding it reasonable and others considering it a bit high.
  6. Overall Satisfaction: Overall, users seem satisfied with the product, citing its value in improving communication and operational efficiency.

It’s important to note that while many reviews are positive, there are some mixed opinions, particularly regarding pricing and some specific features. As with any service, it may be beneficial to explore the platform through a trial period to determine if it meets your specific needs and expectations

As you can imagine it becomes an invaluable reference for company events, appointment reminders or even tasks including arranging staff rosters. It manages around seven million text messages through its gateway each week all around Australia.

Text Message Gateway Providers

Although there are significant advantages to the reputation of Sinch MessageMedia (WholesaleSMS) as an SMS gateway Australia provider, it should be noted that the credit validity is limited to twelve months, unlike other competitors which have longer lead times or no conditions. As previously outlined, the up-time guarantee is very good at 99.75% but it does not match the 100% uptime and money-back guarantee by some other gateway service providers. This may not be a major concern but from a peace of mind point of view, it can be a factor for some organisations. Finally, it was noted that our review was unable to elaborate on their client list, unlike some other SMS Providers who provide readers with a large and significant client base.

WholesaleSMS has a good reputation for delivering messages reliably and providing useful features and tools to ensure high-quality messaging. However, like any other SMS provider, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your business and do your research to ensure that WholesaleSMS is the right provider for you.

Comparison Table allows ease of comparing SMS providers

An SMS Comparison Table was created and developed by experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals who used to work in the SMS field but have now moved to other IT areas. Yet their understanding and appreciation of the confusion by potential clients as to what to look for in deciding to engage an SMS gateway provider have led to this independent set of reviews and an SMS Comparison table.

Wholesale SMS Website

It needs to be emphasized that prices and features are a guide only and can be updated at any time by the providers without any prior notification. If any information is not accurate, please let the site developers know and they will promptly make changes.

While the SMS Comparison site is free for the public to use, the authors wish to disclose that some affiliate relationships do exist. Such relationships do not impact the rates and fees users of the site will receive from these providers.

As the information comes from the provider’s website and not through an API feed, there is the risk data may become outdated without prior notice. As such, you should note below when the page was last updated. You should also check with the SMS gateway providers’ website account before signing up.


Updated on 27 January 2024

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