SMSTech as a bulk SMS provider

SMS Tech was established in 2010 in Melbourne and is a bulk SMS provider in Australia of text messaging services. Its platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for businesses to send and manage their SMS campaigns.

This provider focuses on distributing a large volume of SMS in a cost-effective and timely manner so that end users receiving an SMS are more likely to note the message than by external company’s email notifications or by cold calling. It provides clients with a direct way of sending bulk SMS without the worry of how to do it and how long it will take for the information to get across to the target audience required.

SMSTech is a web-based bulk SMS provider that directs from their interface to reach people by mobile phones with a reply response option in the form of an email in your inbox after the event.  These features can be viewed on the Bulk SMS Australia Comparison table.

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Features of SMSTech

When creating this SMSTech company review and comparing them to other comparable SMS bulk providers in Australia, as indicated in the SMS Bulk Comparison Table, it shows that this provider offers a fully integrated SMS system that needs no added software. This is based on a web-based SMS service that will allow you to start sending bulk SMS to your contacts directly from their SMS Tech interface system.

Sms Tech review

SMSTech’s platform allows businesses to customize their SMS messages with their branding, logos, and other visual elements to make their messages more engaging and effective. It offers a range of messaging options, including scheduled messaging, two-way messaging, and keyword-triggered messaging, to meet the unique needs of each business or organisation. It is a customer-focused business that provides customer support to ensure all inquiries are responded to so that issues are resolved.

Some of the additional benefits experienced are the 99% uptime guarantee so that your message is assured of getting through to the end user using multiple and reliable routes ensuring the optimal delivery time. Additionally, it provides a national delivery using all premium Australian telecommunication carriers.

Our independent review indicated that the SMSTech application programming interface (API) is available for any software developer to integrate any small, medium or large number of text messages into your existing system. This means that a third-party developer selected by you can access the SMSTech system from any external source. It has the capability of accessing many programming languages as long as the user is competent in the use of such language.

SMS Tech bulk values

As it is a two-way SMS communication system, it has the advantage of offering a range of services to Healthcare, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Sporting Clubs and Associations for:

  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Special deals and offers
  • Appointment reminders
  • Sales
  • Timetables, results and events
  • Encourage supporters

Based on the variety and range of features offered by SMSTech, this company is rated highly.


Value for Money?

Even though SMSTech has several good features it is the pricing factor that lets them down. When reviewing their charges against other Australian competitors in the bulk SMS provider category, their charges are between 15% to 35% more expensive than the lowest SMS charging competitor, which is SMS Broadcast and ClickSend. For a small volume of text messages over a month, SMSTech charges for each text message are some 30% more expensive than the cheapest bulk competitors.  For large volumes of SMS to be sent out at one time, the charges again are around 30% dearer than the cheapest competitor. It is the volumes of less than 100,000 SMS in a month that the charges are around 15% more expensive than SMS Broadcast or ClickSend.

In summary, on all accounts, whether it would be a smaller distribution volume or high numbers of text messages sent, SMSTech is more expensive in terms of charges for the distribution of text messages each month compared to many other providers investigated.

SMSTech has unlimited credit availability, no monthly fee charges, no set-up fees and no contracts. Most of the other bulk SMS providers have similar offers.

Reliability, Latency and Security of SMSTech as a Bulk SMS Provider

When comparing the major Australian bulk text message providers, one needs to be assured of each company is reliable for sending text messages from your computer taking into account also the cost-benefit. It is this latter aspect that leads to higher costs or charges than the other bulk SMS competitors one needs to be considered before deciding on SMSTech as your bulk text message provider.

Even though this company does not serve with a 100% gateway uptime guarantee, it does offer a near full-service level agreement (SLA) with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support to ensure that businesses can always reach its customers when they need to. It has the availability of multiple gateways and routes through its national telecommunication carriers, such as Telstra, Vodaphone and Optus.

From the comparison of bulk SMS providers reviewed, it was rated as providing excellent reliability, latency and security to the clients that it presently serves and reassurance to prospective clients.

Support and Reputation of SMSTech

Our Australian Bulk SMS Comparison review considered this company to be customer focused with its headquarters situated in Melbourne, Victoria with its customer support centre in the same locality. This means that clients living in Australia can get access to SMSTech very promptly with a certain level of ease in communicating their issues or issues.

It provides a range of services to large organisations within the marketing, logistics, retail, healthcare, education, non for profit sectors like DHL, RSPCA, The Salvation Army, National Tiles, and Deakin University.

As can be seen from the graphical representation below, SMSTech has received a good reputation standard in that it offers assistance to people compared to other bulk SMS providers reviewed. It provides a local call centre number 1 300 552 703 during business hours as well as the availability of email to the company.

SMSTech offers potential new users the availability of a free trial of 25 SMS to see how the process works for them.

SMSTech takes security seriously and employs a range of measures to protect its platform and its customers’ data, including two-factor authentication and encryption. It has built-in SPAM compliance to assure security and confidentiality. For instance, in an email to SMS service, SMS tech is General Data Protection Regulation compliant which means that any personal data (as defined in the GDPR) of, or sending messages to, any person must ensure appropriate technical and organisational measures are implemented to protect all parties.

However, there was no apparent blogging site or no two-way communication interaction through Meta (Facebook), Google+ or Twitter, which may be seen as a concern.

Reviews are limited with 1 review rated 5.0 on the Product Review website so the SMS Comparison site authors cannot provide you with an appreciation of clients’ responses to the work done for them by SMSTech.

About This Bulk SMS Comparison Table

This SMS Comparison review of Australian bulk providers was initiated because there was a demand for easy-to-follow and understanding by prospective organisations and companies in determining which SMS provider to engage in distributing volumes of text messages each month. Therefore the authors of this site, who are experts in the SMS field but are no longer dealing with SMS, decided to develop a set of critical selection criteria that are imperative for you to know about and be able to compare to find the best value.

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While the SMS Bulk Australia Comparison Table is free for the public to use, the authors wish to disclose that some affiliate relationships do exist. Such relationships do not impact the rates and fees users of the site will receive from these providers.

As the information comes from the provider’s website and not through an API feed, there is the risk data may become outdated without prior notice. As such, you should note below when the page was last updated. You should also check with the SMS providers’ website account before singing-up.

Since bulk SMS providers can change their rates and features at any time without consulting the authors of this site, there may be a time that some features are not current. Please let the authors know so that the site can be promptly updated to give a true picture of what each bulk provider has to offer.
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